Outside Whippings – NUWEST

13 Jan

4F/m; year: 1998; time: 29 minutes

Actresses ‘Vanna,’  Jacque,’  and a third blonde  reverse the roles this time on the windy construction site ‘Table Mountain’ set in the first 15 minute segment. At the trailer, Ed Lee himself will take a whipping. Vanna is more blond here, in skirt a blouse; Jacque wears a white dress suitable for a cocktail party.

The girls tie Lee to the stair platform to the trailer, rip off his shirt and drop his pants so that he is naked. The three girls take turns whipping him–Vanna is relentless and accurate, as always; Jacque almost as good; the third blonde is not as experienced and misses on some strokes, checkiing the camera to see if she is doing OK.

The next segment finds Lee spreadeagled against a metal wall in a nightime scene, while a brunette whips him and a dog barks on the soundtrack.

In the third session, Lee is again naked, spreadeagled and afastened to a chain link fence, in more shadowy nightime lighting. Actress ‘Katie,’  wearing a long coat, reaches to grab and jostle his balls, which causes the reaction you would expect, and whips him with the dogwhip. She takes off the coat and is naked except for garter belt, stockings, and boots. We are trifle too far from her to enjoy the scenery.

Katie opens her bag and steps into a strap-on dildo, grabs his jewels again, cuts him down with a pocket knife, orders him to bend over and makes him spread his cheeks. He gets his butt to the necessary height and begins works.  


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