Bare Bottom Memories -Volume 1 – BONVUE

14 Jan

year: 1994 time: 1:08

A collection of “vignettes,” as producer ‘Bill Majors’  narrates for us, from his Bon Vue/BandD Pleasures films, featuring about 5 actors from adult films, BDSM, etc. He would like us to believe that he did not know much about spanking films but was surprised at how popular they were. He  narrates for us and hold his stack of VCR films.

A few of these films we have intercepted and reviewed elsewhere, especially those featuring ‘Tanya Fox.” The spankings are mostly playful and harmless trifles, but ironically, the actors themselves are more experienced than many we see in the British and European films. They just don’t spank as hard or tease with as much nudity.

Films excerpted are ‘Bottoms-up,’ ‘To Taste the Strap,’ ‘Paddle Tails,’ ‘On your Bare Bottom,’ ‘Spanking Tails,’ ‘I’ll Take the Whip,’ ‘Double Trouble Spanking’ and ‘Old Fashioned Spankings.’

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