REALSPANKINGS – Shorts Collected

14 Jan

‘Frankie Receives a Spanking from ‘Betty” (F/f; 6 minutes): Realspankings’ redoubtable spanker actress ‘Dee’ spanks ‘Frankie’; REALSPANKINGS made many short films, all with the same high quality and detail they specialize in. And Dee spanks as hard here as she always does.

It seems Frankie is late with her rent, again. Dee: “I  feel we have to do something for you to learn the consequences.” Frnake agrees immediately; must be a fair trade for her.

Dee spanks her OTK on the couch on her jeans, and then has her stand and pull them down herself. More spankings on her panties, the sound of skin on skin also.

The panties remain for this brief session, which is then repeated with a face-CAM.

Lina and a hairbrush’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) A nifty short film, a bit off formula for RSN and a delight.

A car pulls up to a nice house in heavy landscaping. Masterson gets out and helps Lila out of the passenger seat. They enter the house, she a little reluctantly. You know she has been brought here for a spanking.

There are numerous plots like this in CP films, girls coming to: country houses in LUPUS, behind high walls in CALSTAR, and retired headmasters’ quarters in ROUE, to name a few.

Inside the house, Lila is scolded then sent upstairs to get the hairbrush. She brings a small brush, but is sent back and returns with a bigger one, almost a bath brush.

She pulls up her breezy blue dress and Masterson does not hesitate and pulls down her panties. A very fast hairbrush spanking—Masterson covers both cheeks and thighs and brings up bruises immediately. Alternate views. They hug.

In a follow up scene, Lila is alone in a bedroom. She checks her bottom in a standing mirror, then applies much needed lotion. In a final scene, an exterior, she shows us her spammed bottom.

‘(Name-yardstick)’ (M/f; 10 minutes): a  heavy-set male ageplay discplinarian from the RSI actors’ studio, rather severe as as a spanker,  surprises in this short film, jumps an older  girl who seems to be improperly dressed in a residence where he has something to say about it. She has the long reddish-brown hair that will fly nicely during a spanking.

First, he smacks her very hard on her jeans with a measuring stick fully 4 feet long wide, and thick, while she is made to hang onto the stair bannister with both hands, which she really needs to do. Very classic position and no shortcuts here.

“Get those pants down….get that bottom out,” he barks, as she sniffles. Closeups, real bruises developing. Top T-shirt  off, bra off. OTK, she points her feet into the air and kicks sweetly. Good facials, very hard handspanking, red bottom.

She lies over an ottoman and raises her bare feet to receive a bastinado with the same yard stick, which should be registered and assigned a serial number. The woman is then made to put on schoolgirls’ clothes from a nearby collection. Like many spanking models, she has trouble with the blouse buttons. The nasty guy whacks her skirt as she struggles.

The guy is unhappy about how sloppily she has dressed and so gives her move of the yardstick in a bend-over, then onto the sofa, feet up, for more bastinado and some attention to her bare thighs. This guy must have taken some lessons in Eastern Europe.

‘Ivy Paddled by the Principal’ (M/f; 7 minutes): Michael Masterson plays the principal and addresses a dark blond girl with long braids. She is before him in his office. RSN does the in-front-of-the-desk thing very well.  He looks at her file and doesn’t like what he sees.

She bends over the desk and takes six swats  from a long wood a paddle on her jeans. 12 more shown from a different angle.

Film cut–she has pulled down her pants and is rubbing her bruises. Masterson narrates that this was a “special request paddling on jeans.” Ivy laughs. Was it her request or a customer’s?

‘Rope for Panties’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Girls are tied with rope harnesses pulled hard around their breasts when they are caught without bras. We move to the next level—what can happen when you are caught without panties.

Masterson carefully wraps a rope between a blonde’s legs and through her vagina, pulling it tight. Very sexy. The girl has to roll up her kilt so that everyone can see this bondage, and she is sent off to class. At lunch she returns to Masterson with a stack of clean panties she has washed.

Skirt off, blouse up, hands on the desk for a paddle, she seems surprised by it and acts quick differently from most girls who get paddled here. She is already red and now gets the telltale round bruises. The rope is removed, the line impressions will go away.

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