Approved School – MOONGLOW

17 Jan

MF/3f;  time: 48 minutes

MOONGLOW/TOPMARKS  technique to depict a series of spanking scenes; two girls talk through the bars of adjacent cells. They are awaiting a caning, and they reminisce about spankings they have had in their lives, which are recreated in a series of vignettes. This seems to be a reform school.

Blond actress ‘Emma Brown,’  as ‘Prudence,’ remembers being caned in school for having gotten that famous tattoo of hers on her left buttock. We visit the scene. She kneels over two chairs in the Winchester pose  and takes 8 strokes on her white panties from a faceless male. Marks show on the edges of her knickers.

The brunette cellmate ‘Laura’ (maybe ‘C.J.’) remembers being whipped by her father-in-law, that”fucking bastard.” An ageplay MOONGLOW regular (maybe Tom Cooper) plays that part. She has been lolling about like Cleopatra on the barge, so he grabs her. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?” She gets his belt on her panties, then on the bare. What a married woman is doing in this ‘school’  we can’t figure out.

Back to Prudence: She is caned by a boyfriend, quite naked, over a school desk, Wonderful.

Laura has another encounter with her father-in-law, dragged out of bed,  for flirting with her husband’s friends. Handspanking, and over a divan. “Come on, old man, get on with it.” 6 from a cane.

Back to the present in the cells. Looks like the punishment time has come for the girls. The matron Jean Bradley: “In my office, now!” The girls look suitably anxious. The matron is trying to find out what became of another girl, and plans to spank them until someone talks.

Prudence first. OTK, spanked on jeans. She stands to drop them-tourquoise panties. Over a spanking trestle, part of the office equipment here in the women’s section, for the paddle. the matron pulls them down.

Prudence is sent to switch with Laura, who comes to the office and gets the same spanking. Green panties, a big wide feminine bottom perfect for the part.

Prudence returns. The matron paddles both girls on their jeans. They won’t talk. “Both of you, drop them, now!” Paddling on panties, then, “Get those pants down, now, move!”

The matron has the girls spank each other. Prudence paddles Laura, half-hearted. “Harder, girl!” Laura doesn’t do any better. The matron paddles them both to show what she means.

They are sent back to their cells to “think.”  “If you don’t tell me, the cane will be coming out next.”

Back to the office. the cane is a synthetic one with a handle. Prudence first. “Trousers down!” 12 strokes, countable lines. Laura next, takes over 25 strokes.

The ageplay guy suddenly appears, and is shocked, if in fact that is possible in a CP  movie.  Once again, we can’t figure out what  the father-in-law is doing here. “This is illegal, in any school.” To the matron: “You’re a bully, not a reformer.” The two girls and the geezer jump the matron, get her over the trestle, pants down. All spank her. Hilarity, not to mention the hypocrisy.

The guy paddles then canes her. “Stay down, you bitch.”

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