Spanked Before Work – CALSTAR

17 Jan

F/f;  time: 28 minutes

Redheaded ‘Ginger’  gets spanked by her aunt; either before school or work, Ginger is dressing in a school uniform before some conveniently placed wall mirrors. [sirens on the soundtrack, right at the beginning!]

Her aunt inspects her dress, is displeased, and begins smacking her thighs. “Spread your legs!” Ginger is taken OTK, panties come down. Auntie is displeased with the progress of the spanking, so soon Ginger is on all fours, getting a paint-stirrer stick on her bare bottom and thighs. Auntie straddles her back and strikes vertically, a typical American posture. The tawse next.

Panties removed completely, skirt off, blouse off, back OTK in just T-shirt. Legs open, this aunt likes to concentrate on thighs.

Ginger gathers her clothes and goes to her bedroom, followed by her aunt with a sheath of canes. Gnger lies face down on the bed, her bottom elevated by a backrest under her hips. “I’m going to warm you up a bit for the cane.” After some swooshes, Ginger gets 10 strokes–again the thighs get attention. Some strokes are on the buttocks crease, and this caning is harder than some of the rather perfunctory foreplay. Auntie loves the marks she is making.

It seems the school uniform was part auntie’s fetish fulfillment. She keeps telling Ginger “almost there,” as the caning winds down. They hug. “Get ready for bed,” which is easy, because Ginger sleeps naked.


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