Vanna- How I Spank A Naughty Girl – NUWEST NWV-267

17 Jan

F/f;  year: 1998; time: 25 minutes

NuWest’s strong-armed ‘Vanna’  spanks the bejesus out of ‘Jacque’ in three different positions in an old-fashioned film format NW gradually left behind.

The spanking is underway in the first seconds. Jacque is draped over Vanna’s knee, as she rests one foot on a chair, suspending Jacque, illustrating the fact that that spactacular body is packed into a small girl. Vanna spanks on her skirt, raises it to work on her white panties, then takes then down, in an 8-minute segment with no dialogue.

The second method finds Jacque standing, bent double, grasping Vanna’s ankles, while Vanna whales on her slacks, then purple lace panties, and finally on the bare.

The last position, “this may be my favorite,” Vanna seated in the traditional OTK posture. Jacque takes her spanking on the skirt, on her girdle/panties, and finally bare-skin on that tight light bottom.

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