A Bureaucratic Beating – CALSTAR

20 Jan

M/f; time:  22 minutes

Two lions of the CP trade meet, actors ‘Michael Dawes’ and ‘Dublin O’Brien.’ A shaggy. long-haired Michael seems to be running some sort of ‘behavioral clinic.’ He confronts blond Dublin, older here and more fleshed out. She is on staff as a council disciplinarian and has been overstepping her bounds.

He is on the council and will now try out some of the punishments she has been using on HER. Turnabout is often fair play in CP films. the scene is a small wood-paneled office we thought looked more like a corridor in other films.

Dawes will try some “spankings.” “I have always found you attractive.” he starts her off OTK, black panties. “Lovely bottom you’ve got.” “Thank you.”  This is almost clinical, for both of them. He takes her panties down, a matter of routine for her. “I like to keep a hand on things,”  quips Dawes. Not to be out-punned, Dublin: “You’re not the the only government agency I’ve got in my pocket.”

Matters are gentle so far. Dublin:”Would you like to use the paddle on me?” He uses his oval paddle and they discuss their spanking tools. Dialogue transpires in spite of the spanking. “mine [implements] are more fun. aren’t they?” Dublin replies with a wiggle of her bottom which will upset your chair if you are seated.  the film is one of the best examples of the garrulous ad-lib Dawes. O’Brien is experienced enough not to laugh.

“I haven’t wielded the cane for months. It’s going to be thrilling.” Dawes wonders aloud what Dublin has been up to the cellars of this council. “Time for the cane.” He lays on 15 strokes, which contains repeats. She gasps and twitches provocatively. Dawes wonders aloud which cheek to concentrate on, noticing that, not unusual, his caning is mostly marking the far buttock.

“Brace yourself for these last few.” A half-dozen more, including a high, wild one. “Sorry” (NOT!). After all this is said and done, Dawes is satisfied and acknowledges he will send more people “down”  to her. “You get paid by the person.”

As she leaves, she loved it so much she almost forgets her panties. “We don’t want those things lying around.”

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