Girlfriend’s Revenge – XEROTICS

20 Jan

F/f;  year: 2012; time: 27 minutes

Spanking girlfriends; a brunette receives a call from her roommate, who has run off for the moment. “What the fuck do you want, you little cocksucking bitch?”  Goodness, such language, and we have only just begun. The girl had gone off with a man but wants back. Such violation of a lesbian relationship has a price. “If you want back, your ass is mine….get over here!”

The brunette has laid out her spanking implements . The returning prodigal girl sees the tools. “Come on, I just made a mistake.” The returning girl looks rather schoolgirl-like. The Domme drags her by her pigtails in an OTK position. A rather naughty thong is exposed under a very short shirt. A lefthanded spanker, the brunette gets her friend up on her knees on a table, head hanging low, for a ruler, strap, and tawse; thong down, a lot of attention to her thighs.

The Domme shifts to the cane and gets her friend into the diaper position. Teasing snaps, some laughter, but both girls getting excited. Various oblique angles-some work some don’t.

The girl now has to lie on a table, a pillow under her hips. Like a dentist, “Relax, you’re almost done.” Handspanking, straps, paddles. More spanking over the table, then the deed is done. They hug. “I love you.”

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