Whipped and Lashed – NUWEST

22 Jan

MF/2f; time: 21 minutes

Two whipping scenes in the NuWest storeroom; in the first, Ed Lee, emaciated and weakened at this point in his life, enters with companion ‘Karen,’ a very short blond in a tiny outfit.

Another girl, a breasty frosted blonde with a hard and theatrical bottom, is already strung up, completely naked. Her wrists have the spreader bar. Lee begins with his bullwhip and she yelps from the first. Karen is an observer and seems quite amused by the bigger girl’s discomfort. Lee is careful that Karen is not in the line of fire, because some of his strokes usually miss.

The girl stomps her feet and is marking up nicely. Lee calls Karen to come around and points out lash marks from her shoulders to her thighs, and (we don’t recall seeing this before), there are marks in her armpits.

Dissolve to a new scene.  The girl who was just whipped hustles Karen into the room. Karen is wearing just black bra and thong. It is going to be her turn. She is strung up quickly with a spreader bar. The whipping girl uses a flogger, a much better tool for someone with less experience than Lee had.

She circles and whips, including some attention to Karen’s breasts. The flogging concludes with a long lesbian kiss, before the girls leave together, maybe in a rush to get somewhere?


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