Woodshed Discipline – NUWEST NWV-248

22 Jan

M/2f; year: 1997; time: 26 minutes

NuWest’s ‘Celia’  and a thin blond girl sit and complain about their jobs. This is the last time they will sit comfortably for a while. “We don’t belong here,” they whine, about working on Ed Lee’s ranch. They decide to pawn some video equipment and go to San Francisco.

Lee catches them and they are marched back. “You know what this means.” Jail.  “We can’t go to jail, we’re girls.” Lee offers him that choice you know is coming, what he does to his other misbehaving “hands,” “cut a switch and take 200 strokes on the bare ass or 200 with a strap.”

The girls elect the strap. They are directed to strip naked–both display completely untended full pubic bushes, a marker almost more than anything else identifies the era of the film. They walk naked to the “woodshed,” the blue studio again with the barest essentials of a ranch work space. A  high school set designer for “Oklahoma” would have done better.

Lee removes a saddle from what becomes the spanking trestle, and Celia is the first to bend over. “Two hundred.” It takes her some adjustment to double over all the way and grasp the legs. Lee uses a long thin leather strap. The whipping is filmed from several rear oblique angles and some facials.Tthe session lasts about 9 minutes without the usual pauses and walkabouts Lee did. The strokes are moderate, but there are 200! Celia scurries to the wall when she is finished, and the little blonde, seen shivering on-camera, takes her place.

This session lasts about 8 minutes and we attempted to count the strap strokes. About 175 we got, facials, obliques, closeups of her pale, thin, and reddening  buttocks, backhand/forehand from Lee.

The naked girls are left against the wall while Lee departs. Zoom back and forth on the two bottoms. Does Celia have cane stripes from another time? Lee returns, runs them back into the “house,’ smacks their bottoms a few times, and the girls dress, whimpering.

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