23 Jan

M/f; time: 47 minutes

One of the classic CP actresses, ‘Suzi Martell,’ plays ‘Sharon,’ with an actor ‘Wayne.’ We remember a review of this film by CP  afficionado Mrs. Parker-Posey, found on one of those CP film review sites, which was more fun to read than the film was to watch.

Sharon has fallen asleep naked while watching a spanking film. She dreams of being spanked by handsome Wayne. “You’ve been naughty again.” Part of the dream sequence shows a ‘Ken’ doll spanking a ‘Barbie’ doll on his lap, the doll’s bottom bared. For those of us who may have checked under the skirt of a Barbie doll when no one was looking, there is some humor in this. Dream spankings. Sharon is caned in the ‘frisk’ position against the wall, 5 or so on bunched panties, then “Oh no, not my knickers down,” for 10 more, hard and snappy, marks evident on Ms. Martell’s estimable bottom.

Much attention is paid to erotic cues and postures common to the spanking scene in this intensely sexual performance. Sharon’s legs are usually wide open, her panties are left plainly visible and stretched at her thighs or her knees, and both actors repeatedly drop little incendiary phrases to increase the tension.

Wayne torments her with a feather boa in the right places while she bends over, palms on the floor. She shows ballet-like tensile strength and flexibility throughout, fulfilling another fantasy of the spanko, because Sharon is mostly naked when she bends and reaches.

Some paddling over a hassock. She pulls down her tank top and shows her breasts with pride, as well as a manicured mohawk landing strip. The next erotic position is that of a crucifix, for some of the crop, against the wall.

Hassock; wall; pants up/down; paddle, crop, boa. It is all hotly sexy. Sharon is having the time of her life. Her diaper postion on the hassock, legs high, hips raised, is the most revealing (and athletic) you can create.

Wyne leads us to a climax, maybe not the first one we’ve had, with Sharon over the hassock, a pillow deliciously fussed under her hips for the cane finale. About 25 strokes, some struck vertically, her panties in her mouth to gag cooing noises. She masturbates also, in case you haven’t had enough.


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