Russian Slaves #7 – NETTLES

23 Jan

M/2f; year: 2004; time: 56 minutes

Russian girls get whipped on the job; A male disciplinarian has the girls in some sort of storeroom.

‘Ksenia,’  an exotic Eurasian girl, is scolded for some offense beyond the skill or interest of the subtitle department and drops her jeans and panties to go OTK at the hands of another girl. She is a nice package; during a brief crisp handspanking she apparently tinkles on the spanker’s lap; there is laughter on the set; ‘Sveta,’ a blonde, enters and joins the hilarity, earning herself a jeans-and-pants-down OTK session herself. Ksenia stands to the side facing the action, naked from the waist down, giving us a continuous view of frontal nudity.

Bizarre is the norm for these producers and plot continuity irrelevant. Sveta must kneel red bottomed and naked on dried peas, a struggle for sure. At least Lupus spent some money on a washboard for similar torment. Brunette Ksenia will now be paddled, across a desk. The male supervisor brandishes a thick round wooden paddle, more ominous than you usually see. He cracks her four times and she is very impressed, nervously watching him circling between strokes. On the fourth stroke, the paddle shatters–how Russian! She jumps up and displays the unmistakable round bruises. The boss continues with a leather paddle–Ksenia’s tears are visible, and we are buying it. Her bottom has become thoroughly blotched and bruised.

Blonde Sveta is brought back for more. She must take her spectacles off, the sexiest moment in the film. She bends over the desk, pants down, for a heavy full-swing strapping. The strokes we see seem genuine, square red strap-marks materialize as we watch. Ksenia holds her wrists in place. Facial shots are too placid–we suspect the strap is not always landing. But Sveta does some good crying and fearful watching of the pacing strap man.

An inconguous cut to a girl tied down nude with Asian knots in the diaper position, being tormented in the usual places with clothespins. Then, it’s hot wax, with a number of intimate areas made available by this exposed posture. She struggles deliciously.

Sveta is back, nude on an examining table, crying up a storm. This looked promising, but nothing happened. We cut back and forth.

At last, Eurasian Ksenia, nude and lovely in all respects, is being strapped over a pool table. Problem is, we never see her bottom, just her face and the menacing male strapper bizarrely wearing just a towel. Either she wasn’t being “belted,” as they subtitled it, or the inept crew couldn’t fit in a good camera angle between the wall and the table. We’ve thought of giving up on Nettles, but one film is more humorous than the last.

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