The Whipping Chair – NUWEST

23 Jan

MF/4f; year: 1998; time: 26 minutes

Bare bottoms on a kitchen chair;  the most simple of formats–four totally naked girls will be  whipped, tied in the cowboy straddle position on a padded, firm-base kitchen ( “70’s”) chair, their buttocks exposed at the edge, and their bare backs stretched and fully presented. Despite this repetitive simplicity, we found this film highly entertaining.

Their ankles are tied to the chair legs, their thighs to its frame, and their hands are pulled low and tied to the other legs, so they are essentially splayed over the chair. The girls remain quiet, although you can imagine them cussing up a storm under their breath in this vulnerable spot.

Actress ‘Julia’ is first. Ed Lee works her with his dogwhip and creates marks the full length of her back and what buttocks he can access in this position.

Blond ‘Kelli-Raye’  is seated next, and Vanna does the whipping, at least as hard as Lee does.

Lee whips a brunette next, and:

Lee finishes with naked ‘Katie’ in the chair. Another example of Lee’s demonic fantasies for the subjugation of young ladies.


One Response to “The Whipping Chair – NUWEST”

  1. George August 17, 2018 at 8:49 pm #

    You may be getting tired of hearing from me but I’m doing some research on Nu-West videos and I’m using your site as a source of information. However, I am finding some errors as I go through. The Whipping Chair (FCV-042) is reviewed twice and the two reviews don’t agree. My copy does have four women, three whipped by Ed and the second whipped by Joanne.

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