Chef’s Delight – CALSTAR

24 Jan

M/2f; year: 2000; time: 52 minutes

Vintage spanking, you could call it “Our Delight,” a classic jazz reference. Actor ‘Michael Dawes,’ not working at his restaurant this day (and not working in this film), refers two of his exotic Spanish waitresses to another chef, but he warns them–the chef is a disciplinarian and likes “spankings and canings.”

The girls report to the new place. The chef is the actor Adama, memorable from CalStar’s ‘Uncompromising Canings,’ which accurately describes how he views his responsibities. The chef says he will hire them if he can spank them first, to see how they can take it.

We  couldn’t catch the girls’ names. The action all takes place in a bare well-lit room, with just a wood folding chair as a prop. The first girl,  an exotic Spanish flower,  thin, with waist length silky black hair, is coaxed OTK by the chef onto the chair. He spanks hard, without delay, skirt up, little beige panties down soon, her bottom quickly marks up in a dusty bruised way. The second girl steps over to examine her bottom.

She stands and bends over for the paddle. The chef paddles with quick, relentless, almost mean cracks. This paddling is severe enough to merit repeats. She is directed to take off all her clothes–she really wants this job. Her thin, unenhanced boy is a marvel, and we see every centimeter, the pinkness accented by the barren bright room. More paddling over the folded chair–she bends all the way over, legs wide, grasping at the legs at the floor, a dramatic, athletic and exotic sight. The paddling is fierce.

This lady stands nude in the corner while the second girl, shorter but equally notable, comes forward, and is spanked, paddled, stripped naked, and brought to the same submissive state. She struggles more and needs moments  here and there to compose herself between flurries of the paddle.

The chef steps off-screen to get his cane. The first girl returns and doubles over the chair, and there follows a 14 minute caning session; almost 60 strokes on film; repeats probably 4 times, from various angles, nicely edited so that we don’t care about repetition. One of the more entertaining CalStar caning sessions we can recall. The second girl is squatting naked on the floor, nevously awaiting her turn.

The second caning is shorter–20 strokes on film, but just as colorful and penetrating. The girls are finished. They are told to return in a week for work. Don’t drop any plates in this kitchen.

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