Hold Them Down Miss Bainbridge – CALSTAR

24 Jan

MF/2f; time: 49 minutes

Spankings on school grounds; two girls sit in a stairwell rolling marijuana joints–not too smart. Maybe their brains are in their ASSES. If so, their punishment will be particularly effective.

Miss Bainbridge catches the girls, blond ‘Bottomley’  and brunette ‘Darrell,’ but they scurry out and down the street to an empty warehouse before they can be corralled. Bainbridge reports the situation to headmaster ‘Mr. Grimes,’ a CalStar ageplay regular.

Grimes gathers his spanking implements and they pursue the girls. In a well lighted room with a couch, looking suspiciously like a good setup for some spanking, Bottomley shows Darrell how to roll the tobacco. They hide behind the couch when they hear Grimes and Bainbridge approaching, are discovered of course, and this lengthy multi-set exposition concludes. Tthey are offered either the police or “a darn good flogging.”

They march back to the school, which probably is a better place for the screaming than the warehouse. At a majestic library-like or conference table, Grimes explains how the police will react. The girls themselves suggest corporal punishment. “We’ve got to be spanked.”

Bottomley is the first to go OTK. She wears cute white bikini panties. Grimes spanks lefthanded. He adjusts her high bottom a little for a better camera angle. Bainbridge urges “harder.” Grimes: “This is only a warmup.”  “Oh, sir.” He switches to his right hand. This soft couch is not conducive to effective spanking strokes. “It’s embarrassment time,” he puns and pulls her panties down, “way down.”

Miss Bainbridge takes the spanker’s seat, and Darrell is next. white panties. Now Grimes wants HER to pick up the pace. Grimes holds Darrell’s flailing arms. “Down they come,” he tells Bainbridge. “Are you crying, child?”

Bottomley again, bending over couch, Grimes has a pocket-sized strap in his coat, like a weighted book marker. Pants down, some pussy winks here. They wrestle a bit, Grimes has to hold her. Grimes then turns to Darrell, who has a realistically difficult time with this strap. Miss Bainbridge holds her down.

“You know what’s coming next, don’t you?” Cane time. “Bottomley, come here.” Tie, skirt, blouse, red bra and panties all off, naked. A crafted mohawk she flashes. Over the table. “Arch your bottom.” About 15 cane strokes, very hard, you cringe a little. She jumps up and has a tough time with it, twisting and twitching her buttocks in anticipation of the next stroke. Bainbridge holds her again, then gets to cane herself, another 5 strokes.

Darrell called out;  no discrimination, she too has to strip naked. Grimes becomes impatient (and probably more)  and rips her panties down himself. Bainbridge starts–a dozen from her, then 8 more from Grimes, much much harder. Bouncing boobs, miserable face, very nice.

Grimes likes the “very decorative”  results. It’s over. Darrell runs past us, full unshaven thatch of pubic hair.

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