Private Lessons -ROUE

27 Jan

F/f; time:  21 minutes

An oldie, with an ‘Imprint Productions, Inc’  reference. Young thin brunette ‘Amanda’ lolls on the floor, doing her homework, before the era of texting or instant messaging. Her aunt ( or mother) is unhappy with her work, and when Amanda refuses to obey her, the spanking starts.

Roue did a lot of standing spankings and thigh slapping in these early years. Amanda is wrestled still while she stands, gets her thighs smacked and then goes OTK on the couch, conventional blue schoolgirl knickers.

Panties down on the couch–it certainly looks like Auntie is enjoying this. She has a hairbrush nearby, over the back of the couch for that.

Amanda is directed to take all her clothes off, but she stops when she is down to a shift and panties. Because she missed PT, Auntie makes her run in place. Top off, no bra. Touch-toes. Auitie puts her through a very British little humiliation—panties up, down, up, down,etc.

But Auntie observes: “This just isn’t good enough.” She goes to retrieve her cane, and during this Amanda redresses. She is going to have a poetry test, and we can see what the punuishment for failure will be. She reads the poem and must momorize it. “We have ways and means of making you remember…take your skirt off.” Auntie impatiently yanks the panties down for the first frontal of the film.

Amanda fails on several memorizations, and the snap of the cane is beginning to amass results. Amanda runs off but is brought back, and caned over the couch, about a dozen, the camera finding its way between her legs. Auntie is a wild and vicious caner, marks all over the place, and the smile on Auntie’s face tells all.

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