29 Jan

MF/f; time:  year: 2009; 1 hr 6 minutes;

A surprisingly entertaining entrant from Shadowlane, and a nominee for our best-enema film list, right up there with some of the Lupus films. A long review from us–we tried to relive the experience.

CP Queen ‘Chelsea Pfeiffer;’ actor ‘Lawrence Selden;’ and an actress called ‘Dia Zerva,’ whose contribution in this film  would have required such identity camouflage, if only so her friends wouldn’t hear about what she did here.

‘Dia,’ as ‘Miss Clark,’ a sophisticated and plausible blonde who resembles the tennis play Chris Evert, has been sent to ‘Braemar,’ a ‘disciplinary clinic’ by a male boyfriend who is dissatisfied with her behavior. He has asked, “Spank her….HARD.” Clark admits she wants attention, but maybe not the type she gets here. We love these ‘clinic’  formats, where girls are sent involuntarily. They receive notices in the mail. Pain4Fem holds first place for us.

Chelsea receives Clark in a doctor’s smock. After she signs a consent form (Did she read it!?) Clark is ordered to take all her clothes off, but stops at bra and panties. Chelsea does with the stethoscope while we oogle the actress’s assets and note with pleasure that much of the film still remains. Chelsea begins with a brief OTK spanking, then proceeds to a rectal temperature taking–anus lube, rubber gloves, a warning of a “cold thermometer.” Then more spanking because Clark didn’t follow instructions and fails to strip all the way. Hard, but a bit playful, because Clark wants attention.

While Clark is OTK, Chelsea takes her panties “all the way off” and unsnaps her bra also. “Don’t resist me, you’ll be sorry.” Clark kicks and moans during her spanking, a combination of pain and pleasure. When Chelsea shifts to a hard wood square paddle, Clark’s cries turn to e growls of arousal. “You had better get a hold of yourself. This is just the first of two days.”

After a thorough (but preliminary) paddling, Clark hears the bad news from Chelsea. “Dr. Ramsay is going to give you a cleansing treatment.” Clark sits and rubs, naked.

“The Next Day”: Clark is fully dressed again, in a nice semi-formal dress, sexy but innocent, something you would wear to a clinic if you wanted to be impressive and thought you might influence what was going to happen to you. She meets ‘Ramsay,’ actor Lawrence Selden, formal and severe in HIS smock, in his examining room. Clark wants to back out of this therapy, and now. But she signed the papers.

“Want another spanking?” grumbles Ramsay. “I’d sooner have a spanking than…that, that.. other thing.” Beautifully played, thank you, director/writer afficiando  Eve Howard. We’re aroused.

Ramsay takes her OTK, rucks up the taffeta skirt of her dress, spanks her on her slip, then that comes up to expose a flesh-colored thong. Someone has suddenly pinned her long blond hair back off her lovely face. Her muscular legs and hard bottom make the scene. Ramsay takes off her thong and she moves to bend over a chair.

The scene jumps to her lying face down, naked on his examining table. We missed the undressing, unfortunately. Her hands are at her side, her face toward the camera. She is about to get her enema, “as contracted for by your partner.” Ramsay is very official, despite this enviable naked package on his table. He starts with the lube. “Try to relax your sphincter….relax.” He works a greased finger into her anus and taunts just a bit: “Doctor’s finger almost all the way in!”  “Oooh.”

He puts a blue enema bulb, about the size of a grapefruit, in front of her face. “Uh, oh,”  she says, correctly. “This is the first of your disciplinary enemas.”  He squeezes it a bit–“We want to get all the air out. We don’t want any funny noises.” She must rise up on her knees, head flat. Her bottom is still red. He slowly inserts the thin 4″ nozzle–perfect closeup, she resists just enough. He squeezes and empties the buld and smacks her bottom, quite hard. “Oh, boy,” she grunts. “May I expel, please?” She must be kidding; video is about half complete.

He refills the bulb–there is an erotic gurgling noise which catches her attention, and ours. He gives her another closeup look–this nozzle is a bit wider, with a head on it. When she won’t loosen up-who could blame her: “Doctor is going to have to spank your anus.” Ramsay works the nozzle in– slowly, then out, then in, etc. Respectful but relentless. All full-screen.

Ramsay is a professional; with a finger in the dike (our choice of spelling), he spanks with the classic black leather kidney-shaped paddle, eliciting the growling noises. He probes and gropes and finds her pussy is wet. “Legs a little wider please. We will have to spank your vagina.”

Drum roll. “Now we are going to use the big-girl’s nozzle.” She flinches at more water gurgling. This nozzle is at least 6″ long, wider, with a larger tip, for a “naughty blonde,” Ramsay chortles. Slowly in, out, in, very nicely done. When he extracts it, also slowly, she visibly clenches her cheeks.

More spanking, lying flat now, a leather paddle. Ramsay inserts tissue in her anus. We thought he’d come up with an anal plug at this point, but we’re not complaining, mind you.

Back on her knees, for a 9″ ribbed nozzle, not one we saw in any medical supply lists. He works it in,  notch at a time. It takes some doing. Very nice. She is aroused here–he smacks her pussy with the nozzle inserted to its hilt. She kicks off her heels now, all she wears. Her toes curl in discomfort, or is it ecstasy? Ramsay ensures her hair has not fallen over her pretty face.

After a small strap on her pussy and anus, the last enema. Another spiral ribbed nozzle, chilling to see. “This one’s the hardest…..” and then, understandably, “We’re having a little difficulty…it’s got to go inside your bottom. That’s not negotiable.”

Slowly, to the hilt. Hold. “The enema is concluded…we’ll finish the spanking.” Small paddle, full grunts, full puss. And this is only part of this second day! What’s next?

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