29 Jan

M/f; year: 2012; time: 27 minutes


School spankings with the twist these Lupus “Dreams” films added– some sexual scenes added.

We see a school janitor working at a table–he will assist in acting out a spanking fantasy depicted over several decades.

In  a headmaster’s office, almost like an office of a Soviet official, on a table there is a collection of spanking implements. A young girl  enters, a redheaded actress identified as ‘Ruzena,’ wearing full schoolgirl kit, including straw boater,and a white apron/pinafore over her dress, setting us back in time. She sees the spanking tools anf begins begging and pleading, kneeling in supplication before him.  

The headmaster, an older guy, and overtly smarmy–you are expecting him to torment this student in some demonic way. He has her hand him the cane from the displayed collection. Then she raises her skirt and pulls down her own panties and she bends over the desk. There is a long hold on her bare quivering bottom, while the man scolds and she begs.

The caning begins. There are about 25 strokes, clear countable, laddered marks, tears, begging, quivering. She is allowed up, kisses his hand, and leaves.

We return to the janitor at work, then we go to the next fantasy scene, in the same office, the same actress Ruzena, and the same official. Schoolgirl Ruzena portrays a different, more modern  girl this time,  carrying books to further enhance the fantasy. The official seems to be thanking the janitor  for deleivering bringing the girl.

He fondles her bottom and unbuttons her blouse, reaching in to play with her boobs. She drops to her knees, just reluctant enough, opens his pants, fishes out his cock, and begins a blowjob, vigorous enough. He holds her head and shoulders to keep her on the job. This modern miss has learned that a good blowjob will soften anyone’s anger, and it doesn’t coubnt for anything.

The girl removes her panties and sets up on the desk for some oral from the guy, then turns around and is taken doggie-style by him, lifting one knee to increase the visuals. He finishes himself off by hand on her buttocks, rubbing the cum on her–it takes him a bit of time. She is humiliated, but not all that much, and avoided a spanking.

A  third scene in the office, the same actress as a brazen and forward, tattooed  progessive girl. She perches on the ageplay guy’s desk, pulls up her top to show him her breasts and pulls aside her panties to flash her vagina. She controls the scene.

Yhis scene cuts to the janitor havinhis go at  spanking this girl.

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