30 Jan

MF/2f; time: 49 minutes

Producer Ivor Gold, as’James,’  plays an apparel merchant who manages to get access to the bottoms of his models, as they also find ways of taking advantage of him.

Brassy blonde actress ‘Amber Scott’ plays ‘Samantha,’ and as in her other CP films she is given every opportunity to flash her body and give us those come-hither-see-if-you-can glances. She tries on a naughty schoolgirl skirt for James and makes sure he sees her topless, so she can soften him up for yet another 50 pound cash loan and a longer lunch hour.  

James’ assistant ‘Sarah’ returns from lunch and complains about Sam.’ “What that girl needs is to have her bottom smacked.” Sarah herself is hiding cash in her panties, skimming  from company business. Big boobs, no bra, promise of things to come. She is proud of her thievery and says to herself, “You naughty girl, you.”

The next day, James agrees it is now time to spank Sam and sends Sarah out to buy some implements. Sam knows what is coming. “Shall we get on with it, then?”  Sam goes OTK, little white panties. A floor mirror catches her face. Sarah takes James’ seat and continues the spanking, taking Sam’s knickers down. “They’re tight.” James: “Right, take your skirt off;  on second thought, take your top off…you like to flash your boobs.” Sarah straps and tawses her on the couch. The dressing room mirror enhances the views. The office fax machine and telephone answering machine keep chirping, because everyone is involved here.

Sam wants to rub but Sarah withholds: “I’ll rub your bottom when it’s ready to be rubbed…lie still.” As they prepare to cane Sam, James decides now is the time to  confront Sarah on the money she is skimming. She has been trapped and tricked into this spanking party and now James will spank HER.

“I think she should be made to strip off,”  says Sam, seeking fair play, being jaybird herself. Skirt off first, white top off, even better boobs than Samantha if you are a size person. Sarah: “Please, not my bottom again.” James uses a black paddle.

Two naked girls in the office. Now James returns to Sam’s impending caning – six counted strokes, 4 more, then 4 counted. Probably repeats. James lines up the two bare bottoms for comparison and wonders aloud what they will tell their boyfriends tonight? Are we to presume they lose their pants every night?

James announces this was very successful and that they can expect a spanking every time the business sags.

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