Red Welts On Tender Thighs – NUWEST NWV-375

30 Jan

M/f; F/f; M/2f  year: 2003;  time: 28 minutes

Three spanking and whipping segments, over the years, from NU-WEST  and quite hot.

The first 16-minute segment finds ‘Katie’ reporting to her ‘father,’ Ed Lee. “You want to see me , Daddy?” She wears a blouse, red skirt, knee socks, and long blond curly hair which came out of the costume department. She plays a schoolgirl with bad grades.

“Please don’t spank me, Daddy.”  “I’m not going to spank you, I’m going to use the whip…prepare yourself.” Katie, with her back to us, strips to white bra and full-cut white panties. “I want everything off.” She removes her bra, socks, and last, panties, in yet another wonderful stripping scene from this actress, challenging our list for favorite.

“Assume the position, you know what to do.” Naked Katie bends over the back of a bar room barrel chair, flashing her mohawk. Lee does one of his ritual obsessively organized whippings–20 on the right cheek, 20 on the left, 10 on each thigh. Camera shots from low-down, showing Katie up on tip-toe. Legs spread, facials and pubic thatch.There’s that pale unsunburned bottom-full-cut bikini pattern. Lee checks his results and fondles her. Katie sticks out each leg so Lee can stroke her thighs, which hurt more than her buttocks.

Hands-on-head, Katies faces us, showing everything, while Lee whips the front of her thighs, Katie offering each leg, then spreading her legs 3 feet wide while Lee keeps slashing the thighs.

To conclude, she sits still naked on a bar stool in the corner, hands on head, the stool emphasizing her white buttocks. This segment ranks very far up on our list of one the most erotic punishments we have seen given to Katie.

The second 8 minute segment features ‘Vanna,’ with ‘Jodi Cline,’ in the NW condo setting. Powerful and heftier Vanna: “You have been a very naughty girl. Go [upstairs] and stand in front of the punishment chair.” Both girls wear silly outfits–Vanna in a black see-through full-body girdle and long gloves, and Jodi in white body girdle, the same arm-length gloves, garter belt and stockings.

Vanna announces: “You’re going to get a thigh whipping.”  “Oh no, ma’am.”  Jodi goes upstairs and the camera follows Vanna’s estimable girdled-rear end next up the stairs. She flourishes her whip.

Vanna whips Jodi’s thighs as she bends over a tall stool, first the backs, then the front. Hands-on-head, Vanna whips the narrow gap of bare skin between her girdle and stockings before Jodi unfastens and lowers the stockings to expose even more bare skin.

The last segment, 4 minutes, finds ‘Katie’ and another familiar actress strung up by the wrists outdoors on the NW patio. The girls wear schoolgirl–white T-shirts, short blue skirts, and blue knee socks. Lee circles the girls, slashing their thighs, front and back. Near the conclusion, he drops their white panties so his whip can lick under the short skirts.

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