Retribution – MOONGLOW

30 Jan

2M/2f; time: 47 minutes

Two girls caught frolicking in the hay will turn their bottoms up. Julie Peters plays ‘Henrietta’ and Angie du Pont plays ‘Julie.’ MOONGLOW’s the late John Kirwood plays ‘Mudstock,’ catches the girls rolling in the hay with their knickers down. They are marched inside and Mudstock presents them to the father, played by a ubquitious spanker-actor from Roue and CalStar films, in whose hands we are confident of results.

They deny their games, but “I bet they’ve got hay in their knickers.” Brunette Henrietta has to drop her drawers, and sure enough, lots of straw. Father shows them his “hand of retribution,”  and they face the wall in comtemplative anticipation, Henrietta with her knickers down and Julie with white knickers bunched, hay strewn on the floor.

Father takes Henrietta OTK first. Are those bruises from another film? Mild but revealing, and a nice little struggle from her. His fingers leave white marks on her red cheeks. Father wants Julie to see the results he has produced, because she is next.

Julie gets her spanking, knickers coming down. The girls are sent to their rooms. Father receives a phone call–note the ancient cell phone. He has to leave the farm. Mudstock is now in charge! In loco parentis! When the girls are told, they can’t keep a straight face, which was a comic additive to most of Kirwood’s films.

Henrietta and Julie immediately set to scheming. They’ll steal Mudstock’s whiskey and replace it with piss. But Mudstock spies them, “the bloody girls,”  and manages to switch bottles. They demur when he offers them a drink, and now we’re ready for the second round of spankings.

“I’ll sort you out,” as he shows them his tawse. Henrietta goes OTK  while Julie is sent to get the cane. Mild tawsing,  on sweatpants before Mudstock takes them down. Slo-mo.

Julie then gets the tawse on her bare bottom. He wants her top off! “You can’t do that, you dirty old man!” She is soon naked, and her makes her face the camera. She kneels on a chair for an ineffectual light caning. Lovely bottom and camera work. She is sent off, clothes in a bundle. Naked girls runnning out of rooms!

“Right, Miss Henrietta.” Her turn. Henrietta chews her fingers in anxiety and is soon naked. A smashing body, worth waiting for. “It’s going to be worse for you,” says Mudstock.

After a colorful nude caning, the girls, in a new scene, are dressed, and they jump
Mudstock and are working at his pants.

The three actors toast us with cocktails in a closing shot.

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