Professor of Discipline – NUWEST FSV-050

31 Jan

M/2f; year: 1998; Time: 30 minutes

Whippings from Ed Lee; seems archival and older than 1998;

Ed Lee leads a naked girl onto a darkened stage, so dark that only part of her body can be seen and not much of him. He fastens her to a spreader bar, strung up and her  back to us, and begins a mild whipping. Lee appears to be wearing pajamas and robe and sports an Abe Lincoln beard.

He paces, teases, sips his Scotch. The girl twists her bottom under the whip. He lets her down and she collapses on the floor. He sips his cocktail and then hauls her up again, to continue the whipping. This oddly lit segment, perhaps even a production error, lasts 15 minutes.

In the next scene, another girl, who might be Joanne Jameson, is brought to stand before the rope, and now, all the lights are on. She wears a belted two-piece dress and bonnet fit for an Easter Parade, complete with shoulder bag, white gloves,  and white heels.

Lee cuffs her ankles and locks her legs together. Gloves off, wrists fastened behind her back, bonnet off. Off-screen he hauls up the rope now fastened to her wrists, bending her into the strappado position, a posture not seen often enough in CP. Lee flips up her skirt to display full white panties, garter belt, and stockings. This is one of the most complicated costumes we’ve seen at NUWEST, and it probes another corridor of Lee’s fantasy world.

He pulls her panties down and begins whipping. She wriggles under the whip,  because she is not pulled tightly enough for this posture to really hurt. Her hair comes loose. The scene is sexy and severe, but not cutting.  She too collapses in a heap onto a hassock he positions when he lets her down.

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