Whip Me Please – NUWEST

31 Jan

M/f; released: 2012;  time: 28 minutes

Ed Lee has a volunteer for tonight’s spanking; he meets a blonde, we think it’s Jodie Cline, pulling up to the house in her car. The hand-held video camera follows him amateur-style. “What are you here for tonight?” he singsongs. “To get whipped and to get off.”  They both laugh, and not because it won’t happen.

Into the house, down into the NU-WEST workroom/garage,  that vale of tears. “Take your dress off.” Jodie strips down, no bra, no panties, just garter belt, and stockings–she came prepared. Lee loves what he sees. “Oh, we’re going to have a good evening.” Lee was emaciated and in declining health when he made this film.

He cuffs her wrists and fastens them to an overhead rope. He strokes her pussy, already excited. “Don’t you look pretty!” He begins a slow whipping, frigs her with wet fingers, unsnaps her garters, rucks up the belt, and takes it off. She is aroused and asks that the illuminating spotlight to be more focussed on her.

More whipping, nude; short, fast strokes. Red marks from her shoulders to her thighs. “Aren’t you going to play with me too?” Another wet frig causes her to buckle her knees.

More whipping, then Lee lubricates a battery-operated dildo in her face, then works it in, in closeup. More whipping, more dildo, the blonde begins to moan.

And last, a hollow anal plug finds its home; Lee leaves it in and returns to the whip, much harder now. “Do you wish to come?”   We guess she does.

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