Wife Discipline! – NU-WEST NWV-408

31 Jan


Ed Lee’s ‘wife’ comes home late and doesn’t much care what he thinks.  Silly excuses from the blonde. “Where have you been?!… get in the position.”

Without much despute–she’ll accept this to play her games–she doubles over the back of couch. in the condo NuWest set. “I don’t know why I ever married a young beautiful woman.”  Lee suspects she like this attention.

Skirt up, she wears pantyhose. Lee works her buttocks and thighs with a large strap. Pantyhose down, Lee has succeeded in thoroughly marking up her bottom. He slashes away with his strap, a flurry from all angles, wild and irregular, his stamina flagging at the end of his film career.

Dissolve. His wife was out late again! She has to raise her skirt, hands-on-head, he slashes her thighs front and back. He unfastens her stockings to expose more bare skin, then chases her off to bed.

Another disciplinary scene, and this one a little bizarre. We’re outside on a deck, the wind interferring so the dialogue is muffled. The blonde is fastened to the deck guardrail facing us. Lee uses the bullwhip on her bare bottom. She gasps.

Then, “I’ve got a surprise for you,” and he fucks her doggie-style while she is still fastened.


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