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Enticed to the Cane – CALSTAR

28 Feb

F/2f; year: 2001; time: 41 minutes

Women cane harder, CP fans say. Try this. A woman is in the phone. She runs a modelling agency, more of a bordello, it would seem. She is talking t0 a client, and is expecting two girls for audition. “Their asses are going to be really burned.”

A blonde and an auburn-haired girl arrive at the house. The Madame shows the girls some tarty clothing and a collection of spanking implements. As we understand the job, the girls are hired to wear these outfits at men’s gatherings,  where there is some spanking. The more spanking they can take and entice, the bigger their commissions and tips.

The girls are asked to change into some of the clothing. The Madame explains that she makes  more money from CP videos than anything else. Would the girls like to try a spanking to see if they want to do it?

‘Auburn’  will try it first. “I’ll show you what we do.” The girl gasps at the first OTK smacks. “You have a lovely ass, but better with your pants down.” Down come the red knickers. “It’s hurting.” The blonde is watching in mock horror, knowing she is next. Auburn goes over the footboard of a bed, pubic fuzz. Blondie holds her still and seems now to be getting into this, wanting the Madame to spank harder. The CalStar soft paddle and floppy strap follow.

The natural progression: Auburn goes over a chair for the cane. “I want your ass nice and high.” 30 strokes are shown, repeats, realistic wheals, several camera angles. They kiss and Aurburn is allowed to depart.

Blondie’s turn to see if she can measure  up. Nervous laughter. OTK, her high, round bottom excels. Full puss shots. “Bend over the chair for the paddle if you want to make money…take your pants off for me.” The two paddles are used. The girl keeps her bottom cocked for the camera. A short caning, 15 strokes. Impressive. they’re both HIRED.


Eve and Kyrie Their First Spankings – NUWEST

28 Feb

M/2f;   year: 1987; time: 30 minutes

Vintage NU-WEST and it may be true that this is ‘Kyrie Kelly’s’ first spanking at NU-WEST. There are earlier films listed for Kyrie in the NU-WEST catalogue, but this may have been shot first. ‘Eve Howard’  seems a little more secure and accustomed to Ed Lee’s antics in her portion. Nevertheless, we loved this early chapter in the girls’ careers.

A young Ed Lee, in short sleeve shirt and khaki pants, interviews Kyrie and calls her ‘Christie.’ This first segment is 22 minutes long, taking up most of the film. The story is–she wrote to NU-WEST  wants to get past the pain threshold and expand her tolerance of spanking. She has had the compulsion all her life, which she explains in full-face closeup, gawky and a little embarrassed. She wears a simple gray dress and pearls.

Lee explains. “We’ll do it slowly,” and he explains his spanking phases, which we are well aware of. “You’re going to be real proud by the time we finish.”

They move from the interview chairs to an OTK position. Lee begins spanking firmly on her dress. Kyrie laughs nervously. “There’s reason for this. I’m getting you warmed up…tenderizing the meat!” Early crude technology (not to mention language)–shots from the ceiling-CAM have different sound. And Lee can’t resist saying things like: “Remember, there are two cheeks here.”

Back to the interview chairs, the second spanking phase, skirt up. Full white panties, and we get a look at the bottom which will be featured in many movies. Garter belt and conventional nylon-looking stockings, typical of NU-WEST’s style of dressing its women in normal street clothes. As he spanks, Lee addresses us: “We still haven’t reached the point of making this tape worthwhile, but we will, believe me.”

After another interview break, back to the spanking chair: “For the first time in your life, we’re going to pull the pants down now….you’ve been warmed up. Now you’re going to get a spanking.” Hard and loud. Kyrie squrims. Some bruising by now. Several camera views. Excellent facials. A long and hard spanking, one of the hardest spankings we have seen Lee deliver, as if he were almost out of control.

The are both breathless at the conclusion. “Fun!” gasps Kryrie, several times, before she leaves the stage.

The segment with ‘Eve Howard’ is cast as a story. Lee owns a trucking company, and Eve has been providing blowjobs to the messenger boys. “Do you have proof?” she asks. “You’re a girl..that’s proof..there is no argument.” Lee goes on: “Have you ever blown anyone?”  “Of course.”..hesitates Eve, “Maybe I could blow you.”   Quick-on-the-draw Lee: “We can do both.”

Lee takes Eve OTK  and begins a hard spanking. Slip up, pantyhose. Ms. Howard is playing this skimpy role smoothly. Lee gets up and walks off-set to the camera, which is apparently not manned. He adjusts it for a closeup and returns to spank on her pantyhose.

More camera adjustments. “You’re a very good actress,” observes Lee. More spanking, facials. they hug to conclude.

Carly’s Caning – CALSTAR

28 Feb

M/f;  time: 29 minutes

Unusually erotic caning session; blond ‘Carly’ arrives at the house of actor ‘Michael Dawes’ to baby sit his children. She is a dramatic and nubile showgirl-type, a bit improbable for a babysitter, but not for what else will happen here.

Carly finds a porn magazine and is maaturbating as she looks through it, when Dawes returns suddenly, having forgotten something. She had gotten her panties off and was putting on quite a show for us.

He feigns disgust, threatens to call her parents, but decides “I am going to spank your bottom for this…stand up, I’m going to look at your bottom.” She raises her skirt. Her panties are gone. “Lovely,” says Dawes. “I’ve always wanted an excuse to spank your bottom.”  He takes her OTK on his couch. She has one of those figures which make her buttocks soar on his lap.

“Take off your skirt.” “Why?….You’re being worse than me. You’re far more perverted than I ever was.”  Another threat about her parents and she hands over her skirt. Full frontal. “I want to see you naked…remove your blouse…and now the bra.” Dawes has her twirl slowly, something the actor enjoys in many of his films.

“Touch your toes.” Carly bends over, full-screen, and Dawes spends more time than usual stroking between her legs. She gasps. The actress does an excellent job of conveying her displeasure at having to allow Dawes so much access to her body.

Dawes shows her his paddle and cane. “Don’t give me that look. I think you will quite enjoy this.” He begins paddling, to her gasps. “We’ll make this a regular thing, Carly…our secret. Were you thinking of cocks while you were masturbating?”  “Yeah,” she struggles to say. She is getting quite loud during this spanking, unusual in that Dawes was so converned about her habits around his children. He rubs her pussy slowly, more graphically sexual than most of his films. She faces him and gropes his crotch also.

Despite her pleas (and evidence she is more than willing for other things), he is going to give her twelve strokes of the cane. She kneels on the couch, knees wide, for 12 slow, hot, hard strokes. Repeats are edited in to account for the twelve, just as well for the actress, because Dawes is a fierce caner. “Let me have a look…lovely sight…absolutely perfect.” She dresses slowly, for the final nudie scene.



Nurse Part 2 – CALSTAR

28 Feb

F/f; time: 15 minutes

Hospital nurse administrator ‘Miss Watts’ covets her girls; she lights candles and prepares a little altar, waiting for an arrival. Nurse ‘Miss Deitch,’ a very tall short-haired blonde, knocks on the door and is admitted. She has committed a bunch of offenses–there are complaints from patients and staff, she is sloppy and poorly dressed in her uniform. In fact, her panties and garters peek out from a too-short skirt.

Deitch was warned the last time she was called on the carpet–the next time would be “a caning”; she chokes out the words. Watts gets her cane. “We’ll have roughly 50 or 60 of this,”  as she swooshes. Watts begins caning on her black knickers, about 15 strokes, very hard, and with a thick cane. There are repeats.

Watts herself pulls Deitch’s knickers to her knees, clearly having a good time. Almost 45 more strokes are shown-repeats, pauses for rubbing, tears, pussy glimpses, and Deitch is quiet.

This film was a simple exercise, with little plot or dialogue, but it contains a long textbook caning worth your time.


The Heiresses – NUWEST NWV-160

27 Feb

F/3f; Year: 1986; time: 20 minutes

Girls must endure whippings in order to receive inheritances. There have been some amusing films made on this theme, where heiresses must receive spankings from Estate Executors to satisfy conditions of a Will. This is not to mention the legal secretaries who get spanked for poor work in other films.

And old film from NU-WEST; Joanne Jameson’ is the administrator. She will whip three girls to complete probate conditions. The film was made before NU-WEST had perfected roving cameras, if in fact you agree they ever perfected such a thing. The straight-ahead whipping  punishment is still exciting and unparalleled, despite the technology.

‘Audrey From Dallas’ A normal-appearing (that is, not a showgirl) older blonde is cuffed and attached to the ceiling rope by Joanne.  She unfastens the woman’s skirt, then drops her panties to her knees, but blocks our view in doing so, the fixed camera having no recourse. The whipping with the martinet is on the mild side for NU-WEST and for Joanne.

The punishment for each girl will be fifty strokes, counted aloud by Joanne herself. The last 5 for Audrey are fast and harder, causing her to twist and evade.

‘Katherine for Boston’ A tall girl with long auburn hair, wearing a knee-length plaid skirt and a black top. She’ll accept this humilation to get her inheritance to invest in her dancing school. Joanne hauls her up on the rope, removes her skirt, then drops her pantyhose and panties. During the whipping: “I hope you are enjoying this.”  “It’s my job.” Sniffles begin around stroke #7. The last 10 of the 50 set her to dancing herself.

‘Lanette-the accountant’ An older brunette with short hair will be the biggest screamer of the day. Red blouse, black skirt, red heels. she too is strung up. Joanne does the skirt, pantyhose and panties. She is shocked at the first martinet stroke. Lots of low angles here. This recipient has the bottom which photographs nicely from below. She keeps her face hidden.

The Misadventures of St. Joan – MOONGLOW

27 Feb

M/2f; time: 55 minutes

Entertaining early Moonglow, featuring the late John Kirwood, whose droll dialogue, costumes, and corny demeanor must have caused the girls to break up laughing, even while their bare bottoms were being scourged by the guy. The text says this story was set in the year 1429, and it is “Drama NOT by G.B. Shaw.” It could have been, though. Wasn’t GBS reputed to be a spanko?

Baroque music sound track; Kirwood wears a robe and a pointed cap, playing ‘Sir Robert.’ You can’t help imagining he looks like a flasher. He scolds his scullery maid ‘Miss Antoinette,’  played by actress ‘Sarah Gray’ or’Liza Hughes.’ There are no eggs. The maid blames ‘St. Joan,’  who, she says, made the hens stop laying eggs and the soldiers stop swearing! What? Sir Robert sends the maid to fetch “Joan of Arc.”

St. Joan appears, the actress ‘Jenni Yates.’ She wears an arabic sort of robe, a skull cap, and a white veil down her back. She denies affecting the chickens OR the soldiers. Sir Robert: “I think you are a witch. You should be burned at the stake.” What St. Joan has asked to see Sir Robert about–she wants  100 soldiers from Sir Robert, so she can march to the ‘Dauphin’  and relieve the siege of Orleans. The actors fight back chortles over these lines. In fact, Ms. Yates struggles to keep a straight face the entire film. He laughs. “A girl’s place is on the farm.” What Sir Robert really wants, though, is to get St. Joan’s pants down.

He has a letter from friend  ‘Blue Beard’ reporting his servants have been selling the missing eggs. St. Joan can’t wait to launch her next line: “No scrambled eggs for you. They’ve been poached.” Joan begs. “Don’t send me back to Daddy, I’ll do anything.” When Robert decides he will deal with his servant Antoinette first, St. Joan draws her sword, Robert takes a pole axe off the wall display, and after a Vaudeville/high school musical  struggle, St. Joan is disarmed and it looks like we have reached the purpose of the film.

Furniture is rearranged, a chair is positioned. While St. Joan observes, Antoinette goes over Robert’s lap, and the spanking begins on her velvet gown. He pulls up her gown–we’ll forgive the historical  anachronism that she wears lavender lace panties. “That stings, sir.” Sniffles. Robert threatens: “Next time, it’s the ducking stool.” Knickers down, puss shots, closeups. Robert reminds Antoinette that wenches and witches are given the ducking stool or burned as an alternative to this spanking.

“We’ll have this off,” (the dress). Antoinette operates what was surely the only zipper found in 1429. “Wenches don’t have bras like this…!” She kneels on the chair, now naked. Robert uses a martinet, then a floppy leather paddle with a book-sized striking area. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you, sir?” “Six more of these, and then the ultimate, the cane.”  “Oh, please, sir.”

Robert rotates Antoinette to give us the obligatory frontal, nice unkempt early fuzz. She must bend over the back of a chair. “OK, say your prayers.” About 30 cane strokes are shown, some repeats, and several good filming angles. We’ll forgive an “Oh, shit!” partway through. “Learn to take your punishment like a good French maid.”

“Joan of Arc, your moment has come!” She is taken OTK. “I’ll knock the fight out of you.” Gown up, white knickers down. “Now we move to sterner measures.”  “Off,” he gestures, for the gown. Knickers and bra follow. She kneels on the chair for the martinet, uttering and “Ooh” after each swish. A longer martinet. The actress does a good job of keeping her beautiful long curly hair off her face. He gets the big paddle. “Oh no, not that, please.”

Now she bends for the cane. About 25 strokes. Her “Shit!” comes at 7. White lines ripen. Wiggles. She promises: “I won’t play with soldiers any more.” After this entertaining punishment, she is sent back to her father. “With no clothes on, sir?”

Horses of Courses – CALSTAR

27 Feb

F/2f; year: 2000; time: 52 minutes

Stable girls,with lots of leather implements always hanging nearby. ‘Charlotte’  is the lady of the estate, a nubile and attractive blonde in her own right. She is very upset with her two stable girls, caught goofing off and riding her favorite horse. We know in England stable girls tend to get disciplined the same way that horses do, because the spanking tools are handy and course because it seems to work.

The girls, actress ‘Sam Johnson,’ a brassy, well-contructed blonde and an experienced CP player, and ‘Sarah,’ a buxom brunette handful (to put it politely) are threatened with firing, and give the pro forma response: “We’ll do anything you want.”

“I’m going to cane both of you, severely.” The burnette goes OTK immediately, her black panties hard at work to cover her bottom. She gets a long hard handspanking–there is a huge amount of work to be done. Sam is sent for the paddle, while the brunette strips. She does a total bend-over, quite flexible for a large lady, for a lengthy paddling. The blonde fetches the cane and we see about 30 strokes, very hard with repeats, and not particularly entertaining.

To the cute Ms. Johnson: “Your turn.” OTK, skirt up, nice over-the-shoulder view as spanks fall on her black panties. When they are pulled down, we are reminded why this actress has so many CP credits. She bends over a chair for the oval paddle, loud cracks mixed with her little cries, echoing in the brick-walled room CalStar has often used. Very erotic for us at this point.

Charlotte switches to the floppy stingy paddle and uses full-swing impressive hits; she is probably turnd on by the ringing sounds off the brick also. “I’m getting more than Sarah, why?’ “Because you are a little flirt.” Our answer would have been: Because you look so terrific.

“Take all your clothes off.” Sam climbs onto a little platform, delightfully naked but for high heels, which clatter enticingly in the open space on the wood floor. She bends over the back of an upholstered chair, lit in center-stage fashion. The cane. “Open your legs.” Almost 60 strokes are shown, full snappy-wristed shots, with repeats from obliques, facial, and closeups, nicely enough edited together that we were entertained the full 10 minutes the caning lasted. Sam’s distress is well communicated. Once again, a measurable erotic effect on us. She runs off naked and we conclude.

Global Warming – CALSTAR

26 Feb

MF/2f; year: 1998; time: 47 minutes

One of the famous British dominatrix’  from the 90’s, ‘Miss Chambers,’ as ‘Miss Faye,’  consistently more penetrating, intimidating, and severe of the CalStar spankers. Two girls, music performers, have intentionally contracted themseleves to two different agencies, ‘Global Records’  and Miss Faye’s company. The male representatives of Global and Chambers discover this and decide they are going to have “a bit of fun” with the girls “before we do any more talking.”

The Global Guy delights in telling the girls they are going to see how tough Miss Faye actually is. On behalf of Global, he authorizes corporal punishment to be used.

The first girl to be spanked is a thin blonde whose silky straight hair falls nearly to her waist. Miss Faye takes her OTK on a ship-sized sectional couch, pulls away her skimpy sundress, and begins the patented Chambers whaling handspanking on white panties. She stops to remove her rings–a good idea. The girl thrashes and wiggles, understandable. Faye holds her immobile with a handful of her abundant hair. Panties come down.

The buxom brunette will be next, and the Global Guy says he will “have a go.” She stands for him, lifts her dress, bends over, and he handspanks her in this position. Faye takes her OTK, black panties down, for a real demonstration of handspanking. “Please, it hurts.”

Faye has paddles, tawse, and cane at the ready. She carefully positions the blonde, bent over, elbows on the couch, legs straight, which puts the bottom high, front, and center. A very hard tawsing follows–the poor dear has great difficulty staying in position. She is made to stand spread-eagled in the frisk position against the brick interior wall so frequently used at CalStar. The Global Guy urges Faye on, “Do  you think you can beat her a little harder?” Such a request produces a smirk from Faye/Chambers and results in yet more misery for the blonde. She is finished for the moment, but must strip off her clothes.

Now the brunette; the Global Guy tawses her on the couch, on her panties, then on the bare. She jumps around and makes a huge fuss, while the blonde sits and watches, stark naked, legs crossed, as if waiting for an interview. Now it is the burnette’s turn to strip–she is a big girl. She will be caned first–the blonde shrinks at the sight of the rattan. About 20 strokes.

The blonde somehow avoids the cane; Miss Faye instead uses a crop, longer than the usual riding implement. 20 strokes, followed by 12 fast strokes, then a few more. Not fun for our young lady. The Global Guy takes over and lays on about 15 strokes of his own. Lots of frontal glimpses as she transitions from one posture to another.

The chastened girls are sent off top void their duplicate contracts. Can we fantasize that they will be spanked for that too, as the exit fee?


The Lawyer’s Wife – NUWEST

26 Feb

2F/m; year: 1997; time: 31 minutes

Another appearance by Niki Flynn at NuWest? We haven’t found any reference to it in her biographies or on the NuWest site. We have mentioned other films we feel we detected her.

She is featured here with ‘Vanna.’ The girls are going to punish ‘Jonathan,’ the story being that he is a wayward husband, and that Vanna is the experienced disciplinarian who will show, we will call her ‘Niki,’ how to do it.

On the sparsely furnished NuWest sound stage, the girls enter and pour wine. Jonathan stands in the corner, in just boxer shorts. Niki wears a slinky black gown. Vanna explains that NuWest had her dress sultry  ‘dominant,’ because then she will be dominant.

Vanna begins the demonstration by taking the boyish-blond Jonathan OTK and immediately pulling down his boxers, the last time they will be needed in the film. She illustrates some spanking strokes, then switches places with Niki, who practices the stroke. “Like this?” she says. She is instantly good at it, increasing our sense that this is the experienced Ms. Flynn on a stopover in San Marcos.

Vanna hands her the NuWest hairbrush. “This is a lot more painful,” she tells Niki, and suggests she should hold him still.  As she smacks and he yelps, “Go faster?” she asks Vanna. “Up to you. You’re the dominant one.”

Jonathan is sent back to the corner, shorts at his ankles, for a rest. The girls return to the couch for more wine.

Dissolve to a new scene  where the naked Jonathan has been strung up to the ceiling rope. Vanna explains they will now be using “some serious instruments.” The first is a long leather-like stiff paddle/strap. Vanna shows Niki where to strike, high, and covering both cheeks. “We don’t have to worry about getting him in the balls.” The tip of the paddle snaps off on the first stroke. “So much for that.” They switch to the conventional large fraternity paddle. Niki lays on ringing, sonorous cracks from the first-she knows what she is doing.

Another wine break, they they try a tawse. Niki asks for a heavier tawse, then a razor strop.

Vanna suggests it is time for Niki to take off some of her clothes, as happens in the best of these F/m films,  at least in our favorites of this genre. Niki peels off the dress to display black bra, bikini panties, garter belt, etc.

She will now switch to the senior instruments, the crop and the cane. Vanna suggests how to control and limit the wrapping around to the flanks, and that  the lower part of the buttock and top of the thighs are preferred. Niki measures a few practice strokes, then lays on about 10. “Lower,’ suggests Vanna.

“You give him 20, then I’ll give him 20,” says Vanna. “Count!” she demands. Niki is firm enough-Jonathan is shuffling and gasping, but Vanna is the master of speed ferocity, and snappy wrists. Whatever Jonathan’s transgressions, he will remember this.

Katie The Woman Next Door – NUWEST

26 Feb

F/m; time: 30 minutes

This time, it is KATIE who catches ‘David’ rifling through her panty drawer in her bedroom; this is the formulaic plot line made by several NuWest actresses with the actor David, who seems to spring an erection just by talking to him.

Katie as ‘Miss Richardson’ scolds David’s larcenous intrusion and doesn’t waste any time. “You were going through my panties, weren’t you…take all your clothes off. We’re going to play a little game.” “All of them?”

He is soon naked, and sure enough, he is being to rise. Katie selects satin bikini panties and has him put them on. She tweaks the lump he is showing and growing. She gets a ping pong paddle out of the same bureau, takes him OTK, and begins the first spanking. When he stands after this first session, she notes his erection poking out of the panties. “Oh, what am I going to do with you?”

More paddling on her lap, panties down, up, down. Something seems to have happened. “What do we have here?”  What did she find, some pre-cum? She can’t hide a little smile as she plays with his penis during the session.

There follow modelling and spanking sessions with four or five different pairs of panties. At one point she asks rhetorically, what is this? “Looks like a hard penis to me.” And it is, she gives it a wank, it is aimed at the ceiling. Katie spanks very hard with the paddle, possibly harder than any of the girls who played this part in the other films, even the girls who play dom roles.

For the last session: “Pull those down. I  want THAT between my legs. And she paddles even harder. David arches up in pain, and if he wanted to have an orgasm, this would have been the time to do it.