Caught on Camera – MOONGLOW

4 Feb

M/2f; time: 52 minutes

Barmaids get spanked, always fun, and Lord knows, they always deserve it. Even if they don’t deserve it, it should be done every now and then, for preventative reasons. We later found this film on a MOONGLOW compendium for the actress Allison Payne, called ‘The Spanked Barmaid.’ CAVERN has also distributed it under another name.

Two delicious barmaids have been caught on a security camera pilfering from the bar till, and none too cleverly, fortunately for us. They have been jamming pound notes in naughty places in their working uniforms–cute skimpy skirts with exposed garters and stocking-tops. The owner arrives, flourishing the camera tape, and our girls wiggle nervously. The boss-man is a hefty bald guy, who we haven’t seen before. He fondles the girls and flicks at their little skirts, while they beg to avoid the police. “We’ll work something out, girls.” They agree to do a striptease and be spanked.

In another room the action begins. There is some silly preliminary dancing and writhing. The boss slaps a bottom here and there and produces a sheath of implements–paddles and canes. The girls examine the instruments and don’t like the look of the canes. A nice moment. The girls are weak actresses, but very cute from head to toe, as we shall see in full, and which is all we ask.

Girl #2, equally nifty, with curly tawny hair, and she is a little more animated. She checks the camera crew the entire film (which  we get a kick out of, in that it indicates these cute little bottoms are not so experienced). She bends over for the same and is quick to spread her legs on request. We’re waiting for the thong to come down. She is a squealer–very cute. Finally, she does take her pants down, then faces us and takes off her skirt and blouse; she is tawny-haired all over. A little more paddling before she removes her bra and is then sent nude to the corner.

Alison front and center again to take off the rest of her clothes, but for garters, stockings and a transparent bra. Brunette hair confirmed as  she lingers lest we missed the frontal. Cane time. 24 strokes, counted out loudly and carefully. Hard but not vicious. We’ve seen it written that girls mark up differently and we commend this example to your careful repeated study. 24 crisp strokes produces just a little pinkening.

Tawny #2 is back for her cane, charming in just white stockings and not another stitch. She takes about 18; there are discernable lines at 5 and wheals and bruises at 10. Side-by-side bottoms then for comparison. Tawny gets to spank her brunette compatriot for a moment, then they dress ever so slowly and leave. Nothing imaginative in this one, but we enjoyed every minute.

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