Paddling Football Cheerleaders – RAVENHILL

4 Feb

3M/3f; time: 34 minutes

Droll comedic stuff from Raven Hill; actor/producer ‘Richard Lewis’  does his thing here. An imaginative storyline overcomes the clunky acting and staging–it seems that when two cross-town rival high school football teams play, the winning Principal  gets to paddle the losing team’s cheerleaders. The girls know their bottoms are on the line. Sounds like a great idea, subject to local ordinances, of course.

We look in on several cheerleaders discussing the dismal prospects and their experiences. A little bonde remembers her Principal Lewis paddling her for smoking. “He took my panties down and he hit me so hard.” We have a flashback of Lewis spanking her OTK. She is short enough to kick and flail on his lap.

A second cheerleader recalls a spanking from her father. Producer ‘Tierre Ainese’  plays the father in the flashback. Tierre spanks the cheerleader, and he adds in a sister ‘Laurie,’  who walks in on the scene.

In the present, the girls strip and shower, a long 5-minute scene, which we enjoyed. We don’t demand continuous corporal punishment in these films.

Game Time, Central vs. Roosevelt. The high school Principals meet and tease the cheerleaders. Crude football  footage. Roosevelt wins 21-7, so the nervous losing cheerleaders have plenty of time to contemplate what is coming. Principal ‘Bill’: “Four years I have been waiting for this.” Bill in given the Central High School’  paddle, an implement RH has featured in other films.

In a locker room, the three girls bend over a bench, and Bill pulls down all three sets of panties. He makes remarks like “hot little cheerleader asses,’  and “more little cheerleader ass,” which we guess he can get away with, because losing Principal Richard Lewis is there, maybe the only witness, because next year my be his year again. He is offering up his girls and getting some vicarious charge, along with us.

Twenty-one paddle strokes for each girl as Principal Bill moves from bottom to bottom.




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