Russian Slaves #66-Private School for Girls pt 1 – NETTLES

4 Feb

3M/3f; time: 53 minutes

Nettles lifted this plot from Lupus/RigidEast, but we don’t mind. School Director/Owner ‘Nikita’  comes to the private girls school he operates. They are having trouble with the girls, who are “drunken bitches,” among other things. Such matters are easily dealt with in these films.

‘Kiril’  is called in, the actor ‘Gerry Gerashvilli,’ and an effective operator, we know. “These girls need a good whipping.” The girl are marched in, wearing peasant outfits, heads bowed, faces apprehensive. They fall on their knees to beg for mercy. Very Lupus. Director Nikita is satisfied that punishment will be done, as well he should be with Kiril on the scene.

In part 1 of this two-part set, schoolgirl ‘Galina’  will be dealt with first, an attractive brunette in pigtails. She is ordered to strip naked, which she does slowly and with embarrassment. Two chairs are placed back to back, for her to kneel on and bend over. The caning begins immediately. Nice display between her thighs. Gerry makes her “cave in” her back, sag its arch, so that her bottom is thrust out more. A  brutal caning, about 50 strokes, heavy wheals. Quivering and screaming. It seems impossible. Hands-on-head into the corner.

Schoolgirl ‘Svetlana’ is brought in next, a short brunette, and she begins to strip naked, but somehow earns to keep her top on. Over the chairs, the same caning, maybe not as severe, before her bottom is in the corner.

‘Tanya.’  is next, a stunner with blond pigtails. This caning preparation is reviewed here and found on Russian Slaves #67.

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