Prepared for the Paddle – RAVENHILL

7 Feb

3MF/4f; time: 32 minutes

Old-fashioned spankings at school; corny RavenHill, even for them! Four schoolgirls are seen at their lockers. In his office, producer ‘Richard Lewis’ plays the Principal.

Lewis  grabs a brunette OTK  and pulls her pants down. “It wasn’t me. It wasn’t me.” she screams, and we turned the volume down. Lewis splits a small paddle on her bottom and creates some bruises. He switches to his belt with her over his desk. When the girl returns to her companions, they laugh at her.

In a new scene, ‘Ralph’ is in a fully equipped classroom, with another little brunette. “Get those pants down.” He will use a huge yard stick, longer than a yard and wider. He swings it like a baseball bat but doesn’t do much damage. He puts her over a desk to keep the target of her bottom still. Back to the locker room, THIS girl shows her bottom to her friends.

A shower scene from Raven Hill-they did these things. Two of the bottoms are spanked.

Now a female teacher will deal with the remaining two girls. They get brief canings together.

Back to Lewis’  office: he is discussing with his staff the trouble the girls are causing, when the superintendant arrives -it is “Tierre Ainese’! He too is upset with the expense of the damage the girls have been doing, and he has brought his paddle with him. He’ll meet with the girls tomorrow.

The next day, in a large classroom, the four girls have been assembled. “Come forward and line up,” orders Ainese, holding his paddle. The girls line up on the teaching platform. The girls will step back, bend over, drop their panties, and take 3 rounds of 5 strokes each, until it is done. The paddle comes apart at the end.  The superintendant is satisfied. “That’s how you take care of a problem.”

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