The Punishment of Anne

11 Feb

MF/f; year: 1995; time: 1:31

Feature-length American spanking/bondage film of the soft-porn variety, more widely distributed than the CP  films we seek.  ‘Jean Guy’ narrates;  he is at a party, where a friend  ‘Claire’ has a stunning crystal-doll blonde companion ‘Anne’  in tow. Claire offers her possession Anne to Jean for a plaything.

Details of this artsy film are found numerous places, so we will refrain from repeating them. In a rose garden tour, Anne plies the petals of a rose, intentionally simulating her vagina. She pulls up her skirt to display tawny, almost adolescent fuzz. Part of Anne’s subservience, Claire requires her to squat and piss in the park.

Jean visits Claire to look through a collection of nude bondage photographs, an upscale portrayal of the classic French Postcards. Anne is ordered to undress: “You’re going to be whipped.”

Down to stockings and garters, Claire checks. “She’s wet already.” Anne’s whipping is not shown. Despite the upscale theatrical intentions, we still have to look to our lower-end CP world for realistic satisfaction. Anne crawls to Jean to complete his visit with a blowjob, but we do not see this either.

There follow sufficient sex scenes with  doll-like Anne to please the viewer.

At a clothes fitting, a female redhead clerk notices whip marks on Anne’s buttocks, which bcomes a lesbian scene between the two of them.  

In a restaurant, Anne is bent over, frigged, and made to give more oral sex, part of the semi-public naughtiness used throughout the film. Back in Claire’s apartment, Jean and Claire bathe Anne, and she is made to piss in front of them.

More humiliation. She is whipped, nude and blindfolded. After some heated acupuncture needles in the right places, Anne must masturbate for her guests. She is gagged and given more needles. Jean gets to whip and give her a fuck.

After this debauchery, Claire visits Jean at his house, and now that he knows how to do it, he give her a domination session.

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