Model Thrashings – MOONGLOW

12 Feb

MF/2f; time: 54 minutes

An oldie, and a simple formula–two jealous girls fight to be the preferred artist’s model for a painter. The scene opens with the actor ‘Adama’  painting his model ‘Aura,’ as she poses and squirms in a skimpy little outfit. This couple has made some entertaining films for CalStar and Moonglow.  Adama spanks very hard and isn’t easily distracted, and the thin and exotic Aura becomes all the more alluring when her pants come off.

Buxom blonde ‘Daisy’ delivers coffee to the portrait session. Continental Adama is disgusted by the coffee and displeased with her work and so grabs her and takes her OTK. Daisy is full-figured and hefty, the polar opposite of the rail-like Aura. Panties down , an unmemorable event.

Soon Daisy brings more coffee, and it is better this time. She asks to pose as a model for Adama. “OK, take your dress off.”

Fade to a new scene, where Aura and Daisy argue over who is the model and who does the coffee. Somehow Aura has the power to spank Daisy. “Get your dress off.” “Do I have to?” Aura uses a leather paddle and a tawse, gets her knickers down. A lot of bottom to work on. Adama walks in on this unlikely and unwelcome scene in his studio.

An angry Adama turns on Aura, the part of the film we are waiting for. OTK, panties down, over the back of a straight chair for that leather paddle, then over the back of a high  easy chair for the main event. He flourishes  his cane in her face, then begins. First, 12 strokes. The camera captures the prominence of her wide hips on top of the chair back, and the swell of her buttocks up her long legs.

“Stand up. Take your dress off.” Aura is now naked except for stockings to the thigh. She keeps her very long straight black hair off her face throughout.

Back over the chair for a very long caning sequence which takes all of 20 minutes. Almost 40 strokes are shown–sets repeated two or three times from angles which highlight the magnificient body of this actress.

We thought, she thought, she was finished, but Adama announces,  “Twelve more.” Slow sharp strokes, feels, frontals. She touches toes at the conclusion,  for display to Adama and the camera. He has an unmistakalbe smile on his face.




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