Stephanie’s Playthings-Kyrie – NUWEST NWV-148

12 Feb

F/f; time: 30 minutes

CP queen ‘Stephanie Locke’  made a series of these films with young NU-WEST actresses, here with ‘Kyrie Kelly’  very early in her career. Kyrie and Stephanie sit in the interview chairs NW often arranged. Kyrie: “I have this insatiable desire for corporal punishment every once in a while….and Mistress Stephanie Locke does it just the way I want it.”

Brunette Ms. Locke, in studious glasses and blaack strapless dress, greets us in breathy, slightly corny Domme tones. Then Kyrie also addresses the camera. “I’m going on a trip today. You’re invited to come along and watch.”

Fade to an empty studio. Kyrie is already strung up, the white rope is cinched to a davit on the wall. We’ve noted before, the more elaborate electic winching system came later at NU-WEST. Kyrie has stripped down to just pink satin bikini panties and white knee boots. She poses standing back from the rope to the ceiling and bending forward to lean on it, thrusting her bottom out.

Stephanie begins with a riding crop and she soon pulls Kyrie’s panties down. Buttocks full screen. Stephanie crops her cheeks and thighs and adds some handspanks. Then comes a tawse, which generates some yelps from Kyrie. They take a break, then “stick your bottom out” for a little more.

Kyrie is released and taken OTK for some handspanking and strap. Up again, she eagerly hurries  to a shelf and gets the nasty Spencer paddle NU-WEST likes to use.

After some crisp spanking with this fascinating tool, with notable results, the two return to the interview chairs. “One minute or so to cool your bottom….pull your pants down if that will help.”  Kryie takes the suggestion, flashes some frontal fuzz, and wiggles her bare bottom nicely on the chair. Stephanie flicks her nipples with the paddle, strokes and slaps her thighs. They sip wine.

Break over, pants up, more frontal. Kryie is strung up again, Stephanie lowers the bikini’s again, and works her with a strap. More advanced attentions now-frigs, strap on her pussy, nipple sucking, fondling.

Fade, back to an OTK position, then bent over the chair for six memorable strokes from a cane, repeated from several angles.

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