Amelia Jane and the Police Inspector – STRICTLYENGLISH

16 Feb

(70 minutes; M/f, found in Amelia Jane Rutherford Volume #5)

Amelia acts yet out another fantasy, which she narrates as a “kinky girl who wants to be spanked by a policeman, a ‘slutty posh lady,’ ” a role she more or less plays out in all her films.

Amelia sits naked Buda-like on the floor, knees wide, giving us an eyeful, as she discusses with the camera and the producer  clothes she selects for “spanking shoots.” Her hair is straight long-blond here; she decides on a scandalous little white one-piece.

The actor playing the ‘police inspector’ arrives. She has faked a “break-in.” The police find no evidence and process her fraud. But Miss Rutherford will be given an opportunity to “come clean” and avoid charges. She plays with her undies and admits she is seeking’attention’ and that the prospect of the cane is part of her compulsion.

Amelia tells the officer: “I am wasting your time…I’m rather naughty…I should be punished in some way….what do you normally do with girls like me?” “They get spanked on the bottom,” says the inspector. Amelia hides her thrilled face.

He takes her OTK and immmediately flicks up the little smock to display red lace panties. “Are you going to take my panties down?” “I am.” Handspanking. Squeals. Her high-arched bottom turns pink.

“Let’s get these [panties] out of the way….this is what you wanted.”  She haltingly admits: “All along what I wanted was my bottom smacked by a policeman.” After the officer has had his fun smacking her bottom, “There is still the matter of the punishment.”

He shows her the cane. “How many strokes?” Hands on the couch, she gasps again when he rips down the panties. “Up on your toes.” She takes about 9 strokes and breaks position each time, low camera angles, some puss, countable wheals.

She thinks nine is enough and sits on her haunches to negotiate, another dramatic pose. “Twelve more,” the officer declares, but she talks him down to six-more and a spanking. Actually, “six now and six next week.”

Over the couch for six more entertaining strokes. Now he wants some tea before the final spanking. Back OTK, spanking, fondling, suppressed smiles from Amelia.

After the ‘shoot,’ Amelia returns upstairs to the dressing room and claims this was the hardest caning of her career (so far as of 2008).  She is naked again and shows us the colorful results.

She chats with us about CP filmmaking, that “there should be medals” awarded, and “retreats or spas”  for the recovering models. She describes the exciting feeling of sitting on a car seat, driving home after a spanking shoot. She does not tell us whether she called ahead for someone to be waiting.

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