Jerry Stinger’s Strokes – CALSTAR

17 Feb

M/2f; year: 1999; time: 44 minutes

TV host ‘Jerry Stinger’ will settle a live-TV catfight his way; two of his female guests have fought on-screen. He is going to compensate them for their appearances, ” but in a completely different way,”  for this disgraceful and embarrassing behavior. Such is the simple, unadorned pretext for two  surprisingly harsh canings, taking place in the rooms on the CalStar set we have seen often.

The two girls–“Gerry,” a floozy-looking, boa-wrapped blonde in a gauzy nigthgown, and a tall, pwerful, and stately black girl, who looks like she could turn the tables on host Jerry if she had to, both seem prepared to take their punishment.

Jerry, played by the  actor ‘Michael Dawes,’ will go directly to the cane, violating his usual policy of bottom-warmup with a succession of palms  and paddles. The black girl is sent out to wait. Blonde Gerry will go first. Jerry is wicked–he shows her the cane. “This is a very English way of dealing with people.” Gerry laughs, actually smirks, bends over a formal archbishop’s chair, and raises the hem of her gown. Goodness, she has one of those perfect, startlingly dramatic bottoms, pale and ready, a real traffic-stopper.

Jerry immediately begins caning. The first stroke is much too high, because the two have not settled into a routine yet. 13 strokes–fast marks on her pale buttocks. She is quiet and still, but does start to struggle toward the end of this set. “You are a tough cookie, aren’t you?” Jerry pulls down her thong, which was almost invisible between her soaring cheeks. The marks are laddered.

After a little discussion–the actor Dawes likes to torment his girls: “Remove that dress now….for the final strokes.” She is naked, he sits in the chair, fondles her top and bottom, slowly twirls her so we get a 360. Any dismissive description of this lady is forgotten. This is the high moment of the film. Back over the chair for “more work,” 6 strokes this time. Jerry spreads her legs, in his way, and lays on 15 more strokes. This session is an intimate, high-quality filming, and Gerry has reached the very edge. “One more part of your bottom to fill in and I have completed my task.” Two zingers, a fingering of the wheals, and another session concludes.

The black girl is called in. She is magnificent and looks 6’4″ next to Dawes. She pulls up a long white regal dress, bends over the chair, and takes the first 15 on spectacular buttocks, little thong down at the 10 point. “If you want another TV appearnace, you’ll take this.” Dress off, and not so easy, it is so tight, a body fit for a sculpture class, 7 or so more strokes. She is struggling–there is some desperate conversation we can’t fully hear. She is surely whispering warnings. “Legs straight…keep that bottom jutted out…for the final flurry,”  which is ten or more. She watches the backswings and cannot stop herself from flinching. Terrific. On of those canings you can feel yourself!



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