Rebecca Meets Debra – NUWEST NWV-358

17 Feb

F/f; year: 2002; time: 24 minutes

NuWest spanking-for-hire format; the graphic tells us blonde  ‘Rebecca’  is 28, 6′ tall, from Wisconsin. She contacted NuWest to be spanked with a hairbrush from ‘Debra.’ She knows she has to be naked,  but for some reason she wanted to keep her boots on. OK with us.

Debra, in a black turtleneck and skirt. marches Rebecca into the storeroom punishmennt area NuWest liked to use. “Take your robe off.” She wears no panties. Debra removes her bra, so she is in fact down to boots only, with heels. Rebecca grasps a bar hangiing from the ceiling. “Face that wall…stick that bottom out!”

Debra starts with a cane, moderate, with excellent closeups. “Put that bottom up there, all the way up.” Realistic grunts from Rebecca. “Stick it out!”  Rebecca can’t help but twist around, flashing a tawny puss. “Every time you twist, you’re going to get it somewhere you don’t like.”

Debra gags Rebecca with her own bra. She is being a good volunteer, in that her hands are not tied. Closeups of good marks. “The problem is, you enjoy being punished….actually I’m beginning to enjoy this too.”

Fortunately for us, Rebecca just can’t remain still, giving us  full body views. “Maybe we need something else,” and Debra switches to the martinet, flicking Rebecca’s nipples and puss, and encouraging little snickering games. “You’re quite full of yourself,” observes Debra, and she notes, “a little blood, flecks.” 

Finally Debra rolls out the famous NuWest long-handled hairbrush, but by this time Rebecca has been thoroughly spanked and might have had her ticket punched, at least once. Debra creams her bottom with lotion to conclude, a  graphic reports that Rebecca willl be making another trip to California.


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