Resolved by Corporal Punishment #16 – RAVENHILL

17 Feb

M/f; time: 1 hr 16 minutes;

Amateurs get spanked; the droll format–blue-eyed brunette ‘Carla’ let someone steal a valuable motorcycle she was entrusted to keep. She has agreed to accept a spanking at RavenHill Institute to settle a lawsuit over her carelessness, in an episode producer Tierre Ainese dubs “bike-be-gone.”

Carla arrives in the limo, wearing a pink dress and white top. Executioner Richard Lewis explains the spanking procedures and Carla signs the waiver. She shows some tension-inducing anxiety but is otherwise an un-affected natural amateur.

We begin. First the handspanking session. OTK she goes, Lewis takes down her tiny thong. This time, in he advanced episode #16, the game clock on on the screen like the sporting event this is. Nice pale bottom. Hard five-minute spanking. Lewis is impressed with how red her buttocks become, and for some reason, arla earns a 1-minute bonus (for us) of spanking. After this session, Leis has her bend over the desk so the camera can document the progress.

After a little break, “It is time for the paddling.” Carla has become somewhat reluctant and has to be encouraged to bend over a straight chair. The first stroke of the paddle on her bare bottom from the very experienced Lewis is quite a surprise. “Damn it, no , no, no. Oh, my God!” She collapses on the floor and Lewis allows her time to contemplate the alternatives.

“Let’s try this again.” Lewis does in fact lighten up on the paddling, but at the 2 minute mark, Carla c0llapses again, in tears. “Damn it.” She gets through it, but not before she earns another 1.5 minute bonus. “It fuckin’ hurt!” Another trip to the desk for the camera–it does look like it hurt.

For the final segment Carla will be spanked with  pear-tree ‘switches’  sent in a tube by an admirer from ‘Mantos, MI.’ (We never thought to do this, but we have some ideas.) Lewis teases Carla. “Which one is going to hurt the least?” And Tierre observes from behinf the video camera, “A cruel harvest.”  And, would you trust Lewis to make the right decision?

Bare-bottomed Carla steps up onto what the boys call the “princess step” and centers herself over the “tummy tuffet.” As is done in this third segment, Carla must request each stroke and thereby control the pace to 30 strokes.

On the first swipe of the swtiches, “Aah, fuck!” Then, “Fuck, Damn it,” on the second. “I don’t know if I can do this. It fucking hurts.” Lots of time between strokes, facials, closeups, one of the slower whippings we’ve seen her at RH. She collapses on the floor and 21, but manages to get back in position.

After it is over, “I present Carla’s bottom,”  and Leiws traces the stripes.

In an after-action interview filmed mug-shot style, a theatrical, disheveled Carla: “It felt like my ass was on fire.” The spanking stung, but it was easiest; the paddle “stung like hell”; and the switches “felt like it was tearing into my ass,” somewhat true.


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