Wallace and Stevens Reformed – MOONGLOW

20 Feb

M/2f; time 1 hour 18 minutes

School girls and shoplifting; it will take almost an hour and a half, and we think the girls are NOT reformed. A teacher, it might be a younger Colin Baxter,  receives a note- Stevens has complained about Wallace and other girls. The girls sneak into his office  and search his desk for that letter–Wallace wants it back, and they are amused to find a cache of spanking implements.

The older blonde Wallace is  a prefect and her younger companion ‘Stevens’ is the actress ‘Emma Brown.’ She is angry at Stevens because they can’t find the incriminating letter, so she is going to spank Stevens right here with the professor’s tools. Stevens has no choice, and bends over the desk. Wallace pulls down her slacks and then her full white panties. There’s Ms. Brown’s celebrated tatttoo.

While using a strap and paddle, the teacher returns. “Why don’t you have any clothes on?” (actually just pants missing). He orders them to report to his office later, “in full school attire.” Surely they know what this means, having found his toys in his desk.

Stevens reports first–stylish in blazer, blouse, tie, pleated skirt. She is quickly over the desk, regulation knickers, which the teacher pulls down with a hint of pleasure. Tawse and sole. Blazer off, skirt off, a larger paddle. Stevens removes her knickers herself for another paddle. “Oh please, sir.” She is sent back to the dorm, the next “lark” earns the cane.

Prefect-senior Wallace arrives next. She gets the same spanking, getting down to bare skin along the way. She gets a much tougher time, including a diaper position on a desk. Very revealing.

This would settle the matter–but No. The girls are caught shoplifting, exactly the ‘lark’  which takes them to the next level. They are summoned. They will be punished together. Stevens first, then Wallace, loses her pants. Back and forth between the girls- the tawse. The only flashed frontals occur here.

The teacher flexes his cane; the girls avert their eyes. Stevens (Emma) goes first and gets about 15 strokes in several positions. She is dismissed and disappears from the film. Usually, she took the most punishment.

Wallace gets a rather long caning. Almost 50 strokes on the bare, surely repeats. Over the desk, kneeling on the hard desk, bent over at the bookcase, hands on thighs, all-fours, round and round. The professor must be getting his rocks off. Ms. Brown does it for us.







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