Burns and Daniels at RealSpankings

24 Feb

M/f; year: 2006-2007; time: 1 hr 6 minutes.

In praise of older women! REALSPANKINGS moves us away from the schoolgirl genre to the depiction of the punishment of an older woman, goodness, about 15 years out of high school, we’d bet. RSI’s Mr. Daniels will spank blonde ‘Elizabeth’  in a series of circumstances in this one long film, which includes facial shot repeats  of some full scenes. A collection of some of their short sequences, with repeats from here,  we have reviewed elsewhere.

A remorseful Elizabeth opens the film kneeling upright on a couch, hands clasped behind her back, being lectured by Daniels for “forgetfulness.” He brandishes a paddle. She knows what is coming. She wears a short blond pageboy and reminds us of a Joan Rivers about 50 years ago. Daniels has her lean forward on the couch and he begins with the paddle, hard enough on her designer jeans to knock her balance were she not prepared. Realistic tears after just two cracks. Daniels demands she find that list of computer passwords!

He stops and orders her to drop her jeans. You know she’s been here before because she says: “Do you want them down or off?” Down. She wears only a G-String or thong  and her red bottom is already fully engulfed. She displays a large tramp stamp tattoo, incongruous for such a sophisticated lady of this age. It reads: “Honor, Commitment, Country.”  More paddling and tears. The face-CAM repeat of this scene convinces us Elizabeth did not like the paddle.

Dissolve; Daniels and Elizabeth again. He accuses her of staining his trousers while he was spanking her OTK. “Fart marks?” He takes her OTK, takes her white panties down, and after a brief bare-bottom spanking, leaves her waiting while he checks the laundry room. It turns out she burned the trousers with the wrong dryer setting. That costs her the paddle OTK. Face-CAM scene repeat.

Dissolve; Elizabeth gave Daniels inaccurate driving directions. “Not that big a deal,,”  she states foolishly. She wears the same outfit and gets spanked bare-bottom again. Face-CAM again.

Dissolve;  now Elizabeth is kneeling up on a hassock, wearing an intimate  white slip. Daniels flips up the slip, bunches the panties, for a small floppy paddle. Tears in the facial-oblique repeat.

Dissolve; Elizabeth kneels submissively before Daniels, in a black leather skirt and black top. Over the couch, the paddle loud on the leather skirt. Tears.

Dissolve;  another scene for the two of them, Daniels uses his belt, jeans down, audacious G-String.

And the last segment: Elizabeth stands in front of Daniels, then bends over in a door frame, grasping its sides, first for a large razor strop on her skirt, then she must raise the skirt and drop black panties. By this time, there are really paddle bruises, and some signs these sessions were not filmed that far apart. Long hold on the results.

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