Horses of Courses – CALSTAR

27 Feb

F/2f; year: 2000; time: 52 minutes

Stable girls,with lots of leather implements always hanging nearby. ‘Charlotte’  is the lady of the estate, a nubile and attractive blonde in her own right. She is very upset with her two stable girls, caught goofing off and riding her favorite horse. We know in England stable girls tend to get disciplined the same way that horses do, because the spanking tools are handy and course because it seems to work.

The girls, actress ‘Sam Johnson,’ a brassy, well-contructed blonde and an experienced CP player, and ‘Sarah,’ a buxom brunette handful (to put it politely) are threatened with firing, and give the pro forma response: “We’ll do anything you want.”

“I’m going to cane both of you, severely.” The burnette goes OTK immediately, her black panties hard at work to cover her bottom. She gets a long hard handspanking–there is a huge amount of work to be done. Sam is sent for the paddle, while the brunette strips. She does a total bend-over, quite flexible for a large lady, for a lengthy paddling. The blonde fetches the cane and we see about 30 strokes, very hard with repeats, and not particularly entertaining.

To the cute Ms. Johnson: “Your turn.” OTK, skirt up, nice over-the-shoulder view as spanks fall on her black panties. When they are pulled down, we are reminded why this actress has so many CP credits. She bends over a chair for the oval paddle, loud cracks mixed with her little cries, echoing in the brick-walled room CalStar has often used. Very erotic for us at this point.

Charlotte switches to the floppy stingy paddle and uses full-swing impressive hits; she is probably turnd on by the ringing sounds off the brick also. “I’m getting more than Sarah, why?’ “Because you are a little flirt.” Our answer would have been: Because you look so terrific.

“Take all your clothes off.” Sam climbs onto a little platform, delightfully naked but for high heels, which clatter enticingly in the open space on the wood floor. She bends over the back of an upholstered chair, lit in center-stage fashion. The cane. “Open your legs.” Almost 60 strokes are shown, full snappy-wristed shots, with repeats from obliques, facial, and closeups, nicely enough edited together that we were entertained the full 10 minutes the caning lasted. Sam’s distress is well communicated. Once again, a measurable erotic effect on us. She runs off naked and we conclude.

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