The Heiresses – NUWEST NWV-160

27 Feb

F/3f; Year: 1986; time: 20 minutes

Girls must endure whippings in order to receive inheritances. There have been some amusing films made on this theme, where heiresses must receive spankings from Estate Executors to satisfy conditions of a Will. This is not to mention the legal secretaries who get spanked for poor work in other films.

And old film from NU-WEST; Joanne Jameson’ is the administrator. She will whip three girls to complete probate conditions. The film was made before NU-WEST had perfected roving cameras, if in fact you agree they ever perfected such a thing. The straight-ahead whipping  punishment is still exciting and unparalleled, despite the technology.

‘Audrey From Dallas’ A normal-appearing (that is, not a showgirl) older blonde is cuffed and attached to the ceiling rope by Joanne.  She unfastens the woman’s skirt, then drops her panties to her knees, but blocks our view in doing so, the fixed camera having no recourse. The whipping with the martinet is on the mild side for NU-WEST and for Joanne.

The punishment for each girl will be fifty strokes, counted aloud by Joanne herself. The last 5 for Audrey are fast and harder, causing her to twist and evade.

‘Katherine for Boston’ A tall girl with long auburn hair, wearing a knee-length plaid skirt and a black top. She’ll accept this humilation to get her inheritance to invest in her dancing school. Joanne hauls her up on the rope, removes her skirt, then drops her pantyhose and panties. During the whipping: “I hope you are enjoying this.”  “It’s my job.” Sniffles begin around stroke #7. The last 10 of the 50 set her to dancing herself.

‘Lanette-the accountant’ An older brunette with short hair will be the biggest screamer of the day. Red blouse, black skirt, red heels. she too is strung up. Joanne does the skirt, pantyhose and panties. She is shocked at the first martinet stroke. Lots of low angles here. This recipient has the bottom which photographs nicely from below.

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