Enticed to the Cane – CALSTAR

28 Feb

F/2f; year: 2001; time: 41 minutes

Women cane harder, CP fans say. Try this. A woman is in the phone. She runs a modelling agency, more of a bordello, it would seem. She is talking t0 a client, and is expecting two girls for audition. “Their asses are going to be really burned.”

A blonde and an auburn-haired girl arrive at the house. The Madame shows the girls some tarty clothing and a collection of spanking implements. As we understand the job, the girls are hired to wear these outfits at men’s gatherings,  where there is some spanking. The more spanking they can take and entice, the bigger their commissions and tips.

The girls are asked to change into some of the clothing. The Madame explains that she makes  more money from CP videos than anything else. Would the girls like to try a spanking to see if they want to do it?

‘Auburn’  will try it first. “I’ll show you what we do.” The girl gasps at the first OTK smacks. “You have a lovely ass, but better with your pants down.” Down come the red knickers. “It’s hurting.” The blonde is watching in mock horror, knowing she is next. Auburn goes over the footboard of a bed, pubic fuzz. Blondie holds her still and seems now to be getting into this, wanting the Madame to spank harder. The CalStar soft paddle and floppy strap follow.

The natural progression: Auburn goes over a chair for the cane. “I want your ass nice and high.” 30 strokes are shown, repeats, realistic wheals, several camera angles. They kiss and Aurburn is allowed to depart.

Blondie’s turn to see if she can measure  up. Nervous laughter. OTK, her high, round bottom excels. Full puss shots. “Bend over the chair for the paddle if you want to make money…take your pants off for me.” The two paddles are used. The girl keeps her bottom cocked for the camera. A short caning, 15 strokes. Impressive. they’re both HIRED.


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