Eve and Kyrie Their First Spankings – NUWEST

28 Feb

M/2f;   year: 1987; time: 30 minutes

Vintage NU-WEST and it may be true that this is ‘Kyrie Kelly’s’ first spanking at NU-WEST. There are earlier films listed for Kyrie in the NU-WEST catalogue, but this may have been shot first. ‘Eve Howard’  seems a little more secure and accustomed to Ed Lee’s antics in her portion. Nevertheless, we loved this early chapter in the girls’ careers.

A young Ed Lee, in short sleeve shirt and khaki pants, interviews Kyrie and calls her ‘Christie.’ This first segment is 22 minutes long, taking up most of the film. The story is–she wrote to NU-WEST  wants to get past the pain threshold and expand her tolerance of spanking. She has had the compulsion all her life, which she explains in full-face closeup, gawky and a little embarrassed. She wears a simple gray dress and pearls.

Lee explains. “We’ll do it slowly,” and he explains his spanking phases, which we are well aware of. “You’re going to be real proud by the time we finish.”

They move from the interview chairs to an OTK position. Lee begins spanking firmly on her dress. Kyrie laughs nervously. “There’s reason for this. I’m getting you warmed up…tenderizing the meat!” Early crude technology (not to mention language)–shots from the ceiling-CAM have different sound. And Lee can’t resist saying things like: “Remember, there are two cheeks here.”

Back to the interview chairs, the second spanking phase, skirt up. Full white panties, and we get a look at the bottom which will be featured in many movies. Garter belt and conventional nylon-looking stockings, typical of NU-WEST’s style of dressing its women in normal street clothes. As he spanks, Lee addresses us: “We still haven’t reached the point of making this tape worthwhile, but we will, believe me.”

After another interview break, back to the spanking chair: “For the first time in your life, we’re going to pull the pants down now….you’ve been warmed up. Now you’re going to get a spanking.” Hard and loud. Kyrie squrims. Some bruising by now. Several camera views. Excellent facials. A long and hard spanking, one of the hardest spankings we have seen Lee deliver, as if he were almost out of control.

The are both breathless at the conclusion. “Fun!” gasps Kryrie, several times, before she leaves the stage.

The segment with ‘Eve Howard’ is cast as a story. Lee owns a trucking company, and Eve has been providing blowjobs to the messenger boys. “Do you have proof?” she asks. “You’re a girl..that’s proof..there is no argument.” Lee goes on: “Have you ever blown anyone?”  “Of course.”..hesitates Eve, “Maybe I could blow you.”   Quick-on-the-draw Lee: “We can do both.”

Lee takes Eve OTK  and begins a hard spanking. Slip up, pantyhose. Ms. Howard is playing this skimpy role smoothly. Lee gets up and walks off-set to the camera, which is apparently not manned. He adjusts it for a closeup and returns to spank on her pantyhose.

More camera adjustments. “You’re a very good actress,” observes Lee. More spanking, facials. they hug to conclude.

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