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A Sound Thrashing – CALSTAR

31 Mar

F/f; year: 2007; time: 29 minutes

Lesbian spankings; two very attractive girls, ‘Davis,’  the Headgirl, a tall thin pigtailed brunette decked out in innocent schoolgirl attire; and ‘Fox,’ a short-haired blonde, a tad more traveled, but definitely peaking our interest. We are going to benefit here, no matter who spanks who.

The Headgirl is ripping mad about something, so underclassman Fox (actress ‘Katie Fox’) is going to get spanked. She is not so willing–it is not completely within the rules. “If you don’t let me do it, you’ll get in a lot of trouble.” Fox weighs her alternatives, then: “I haven’t got much choice.” When she goes OTK, the Headgirl gives us a smirk, suggesting there is more going on here than meets the eye.

The spanking, on a sectional couch  in  a one-room scene, is slow and silly, except for Davis’ (actress ‘Page Ashley’) interest in Davis’ bottom. Panties down: “Oh, my poor bottom.” Bent over a counter for the oval padded paddle, a perfect close-up of a shapely, high, and elegant bottom, with just enough space between her thighs for the complete view. We can’t resist another cheer for the continuous supply of British bottoms. “This is harder than Mrs. Brady spanks.” The cunning brunette David keeps it up–Fox has developed redness and welts and begins to look for relief.

Fox mentions “rumors”  she hears–“People say you like girls.” “We’ll talk about those rumors, but right now we’ll get on with this spanking.” The next paddle is the floppy teardrop-shape, and it always hurts more. “You’ll see what I’m into after I’ve given you the cane.” Davis has a deliciously rough edge and finds Fox slutty around school. “Get those tits out. I  want to see what the boys like so much.” Fox takes off her blouse and bra and Davis fondles her impressive breasts in a most skillful manner. “Take off that skirt.” Now Fox is naked and quite comfortable about it. She bends over for a full display.

The cane is next, about a dozen full-screen; one camera angle permits a view of her wincing face as she watches the cane strike. The Headgirl fondles her, they kiss passionately, and the new action begins. Davis sits and Fox kneels, pulls aside her thong, and provides authentic oral sex with some close-up and the customary sounds and gasps of pleasure. The girls switch and Fox receives her share. Fox takes off Davis’ skirt and thong and fondles her bottom, just as trim and cute as the rest of her. She doesn’t get spanked today, but it would have been nice.

Tiffany Gets a Spanking – PACIFICFORCE

31 Mar

F/f; time: 3o minutes

‘Miss Jacqueline’ tries to talk tough with her rambunctious sister ‘Tiffany,’ who lives with her and is mooching off her hospitality. They call it “sponging,” The acting here is dead-heat the worst we can recall, which we could have accepted if there wee some crisp spankings.

Tiffany messes up a cake Mistress is decorating and earns a spanking. Awful! Dress off, a trim stripper’s figure, the only moment in the film.

In another scene, Miss straps Tiffany, who is “still sore from yesterday.” The only lesson learned her was by us, and it was about ‘Pacific Force.’

Just Another Day at St. Stripes part 3 – REDSTRIPE

31 Mar

2F/6f; year: 2000; time: 35 minutes

Redoubtable ‘Miss Brown’  on the scene in this episode; after the sepia tone summary, the scene opens in RedStripe’s quintessential classroom. Three schoolgirls are splayed bare-bottom over desks, having already been spanked in the earlier videos. Natalie and Susan await adjudication; Miss Brown looms menacingly, as only she can do. First though, Miss Brown finishes up a fourth girl, whose bottom is already well-marked, with a brief handspanking. Now there are four red bottoms to view.

Pretty auburn-haired Natalie has been sitting with Susan, the other four red bottoms displayed in front of them. Miss Brown calls her forward. The girls have been trading and selling homework in some way. Miss Brown takes her OTK in her imperious style, making sure her bottom is correctly positioned for the camera; the plaited skirt up, hard handspanking on well-fit white knickers. then they come down to display a voluptuous bottom. Natalie stands to remove her panties completely, hands them to Miss Brown, who tosses them aside with contempt, then back OTK, “legs apart….more,” something Miss Brown is very exacting about. She is sent to her desk to be the fifth moon in the room.

Brunette Susan goes the same route, in her blue regulation knickers. This position is elegantly perfect to keep the buttocks in natural shape, provide full-screen close-ups, and ample angles from the sides and below. Miss Brown whales with full swings with a heavy tawse. In most of her performances, she can be relied on to be severe but not cruel;  she tends not to use any of the moderating stroke-making we occasionally see. She picks up the cane–almost 30 strokes, the last six rapid-fire. Susan has to count aloud and something goes awry, which never favors the spankee. The strokes are fast, full-swing, crackling, and convincing. Susan is brave.

Natalie is next and must have no illusions. Her muscular bare bottom is tawsed over a chair, followed by 24 impressions by the cane.  “One, Miss…two. Miss…” Miss Brown is borderline wicked in her ferocious attack on the young female hindquarters. To  conclude with her, another female teacher steps up and adds a dozen or so full-powered tawse strokes.

At the conclusion, in a Broadway curtain call, all six bare bottoms parade for a bend-over for the staff spankers in the room, who are rightfully proud of their artwork. A male voice is heard on the set.

Orgasmic Spanking – CALSTAR

31 Mar

M/2f; year: 2006; time: 55 minutes

American bimbos spank and masturbate each other.  A corny porno set, purple bedspread, stark colors. We reach far and wide for words to fill space for this review. Brunette ‘Chrissy’ and blonde ‘Anne’ play with each other on the bed, stripping off clothes, spanking, and lezbo play.

The American actor ‘Sir Nik,’ who the girls call “Daddy” here, walks in, and takes over in the play. He spanks one girl while she services the other girl orally, then they switch, although nobody is doing much of anything to anyone.

The girls stack up naked so Nik can spank them both.

Time in the kitchen, at the sink. Nik smacks them. Chrissy is sent home. Nik spanks Anne while she is taking a shower. That, at least, was entertaining.

The Academy – CALSTAR

31 Mar

MF/3f; 29 minutes

Two girls in just towels in a bathroom, always a good start! They are smoking pot–they blew a “match” today, a sporting event. An instructor finds them;  the girls are giddy and giggling. “You both need a jolly good paddling.”

The female instructor takes the towels from the girls–they are now naked. She zings them with a towel, but the hilarity continues. Nude closeups, full pubic bushes.

The girls are moved to a squash court in the gym. They have managed to get some clothes on, little gym outfits. The instructor starts them through some PT exercises. The Headmaster, ‘Miller,’  appears quietly in the spectator section in a mezzanine gallery behind the court. It is regular spanking actor from the grand days of Roue and CalStar.

The instructor makes blond ‘Lavinia’ bend over for a silly slippering on her gym shorts. Then she does some PT exercises. The instructor positions a bench for brunette ‘Kathy,’ who removes her warm-up pants and kneels on the bench, head to the floor, white panties high. Handspanking. Some of this action is shot from Miller’s voyeur perch.

Miller comes down onto the court, pretending not to have seen. “Miss Grappel, what the hell is going on?” Miller will take over, complaining about the girls’ diet, attitude, smoking, laying the ground work he needs. He shows them a crop he has brought and makes them tell him it is used for smacking bottoms.

Lavinia will be cropped first, hands on the bench. She takes her shorts down. “Arch your back,” and he wants her bent forward resting on her elbows. Before he begins the cropping, he adjusts the edge of her top off her lower back, for no reason other than to show he is in charge. But, “A few strikes with my hand, then I’ll see you in my study.”

Kathy next, warm-up jacket off, no bra. Over the bench, just bikini panties. Very nice. He pulls them down, gives her a few smacks, then it is off to study for her also.

“Miss Grappel, it’s your turn now….I am in charge of this academy.” Grappel will take her spanking, as long as it is not in front of the girls. He begins with the crop on her skirt, which he raises, exposing decorative panties. “Fancy underwear!”

She counts out “six of the best.” She is sent to the wall, to stand in the ‘frisk’ position. “Stick your bottom right out.” He pulls her panties down for two more strokes. She seems to have more marks than from this session.


Teacher Taught 1 – STINGINTHETAIL

30 Mar


Dawn Deacon, brave actress from StingInTheTail;  she plays a teacher, “Miss Taylor.” She is confronted by the headmaster, an actor with a hairstyle reminiscent of George Washington portraits. Taylor has allowed 24 pounds to disappear from the school petty cash she oversees. The Head is not going to renew her contract. “You can’t do that…there must be some other way around this.” Then Taylor suggests, “If a pupil was caught, what would happen to them?”

The Head explains what we can guess–the pupil would be given a severe caning. “Can’t you do that to me?” After a contemplative moment, the Head wants Taylor to punish the students who worked the fund with her, and HE will discipline her. It starts immediately.

He starts her OTK, spanking on her skirt, then he raises the skirt and pulls her panties down. Hands on the chair, tawse on the bare.

But we have just started. The Head sends Taylor to the school matron to be issued a school uniform, put it on, and report to his office. “But….I’m not a schoolgirl.”

She returns in uniform. (You have to figure the school supply matron has figured out the Head’s game.) OTK again, white knickers, some palm slaps, then more spanking, panties down. Hands on the chair, 24 with a strap, which she counts. The tawse, and finally the cane.

Taylor’s bare bottom held full-screen; four sets of six;  various angles–hands-on-chair, touch toes, kneeling on a chair bending over its back. Taylor refuses to apologize for the money–she didn’t do it. “Resume your position.”  The Head will keep caning until Taylor relents. He gets 12 more strokes before the Head is satisfied with her tone.

Well Done, Lavinia – CALSTAR

30 Mar

M/2f; time: 61 minutes

Wine salesgirls get spanked for sloppy work; actor ‘Michael Dawes,’ at work again as a master caner playing the part of ‘Mr. Van Driesen,’ a find wine promoter, is displeased with some of his female staff he has hired from an agency. No bottom is safe within a mile of this guy! ‘Lavinia’  is his assistant, and ‘Rebecca’  and ‘Sarah’ are the agency girls. They’ve mucked up a display. Van Driesen orders Lavinia to give them a “good old whacking,”  and that he “may come up” to observe. He will be there.

The girls need some convincing. There may be a long term contract here if they agree to the “full punishment.” Lavinia explains that Van Driesen “loves spanking.” Rebecca, a brunette with waist-length hair, is first to go OTK. She hikes up her white lab coat and Lavinia bunches her thong for a harder-than-usual handspanking. Rebecca wiggles her bottom wonderfully. Van Driesen peeks through the doorway. Blond Sarah is next, her panties also pulled up to expose some skin.

Lavinia next paddles both girls. Rebecca gets six over a table, but must remove her coat and pull down her thong first. Very nice. Sarah is next–Lavinia herself takes Sarah’s panties down, and she gets about 10. Top flight CalStar bottoms.

Well, Van Driesen just couldn’t wait. He enters, brandishing his stiff leather spanker. He positions the two bare bottoms side-by-side and cracks each girl about 15 times, making an effort to balance the redness, seeking to have “these two ripe for picking.” He sends Lavinia to get the cane.

Rebecca is first. Sarah goes around the table to hold her in place. Rebecca takes around six strokes, kicking legs in a most sexy way. Sarah flinches, knowing she is next. The girls switch. Van Driesen lays on about 12 zingers, with Lavinia pointing to areas where tramlines would add to the emerging pattern. Rebecca then switches back, with Lavinia again pointing to an “establishing the borders” for another dozen strokes. We’ve seen this actor do some fine caning and this one scores very highly. The girls he canes tend to quiet quickly. Lavinia is having a fine time too, lots of “Keep still”; “open those legs”; “over you go”; etc. Sarah gets a closing brace of 6 or so.