Motel Discipline-Julia’s Session – NUWEST

3 Mar

M/f; year: 1991; time: 30 minutes

Some kinky fun from Ed Lee; with the camera in the back seat, Lee and ‘Julia Jameson’ drive to a motel. She’s been frustrated all week and wants some relief. “Are we going to the same hotel?” she asks. Lee: “Actually it’s a motel.”  “You can do anything you want to me, as long as you whip me, hard!” It’s broad daylight at the “motel,” one of those old outside-entrance Holiday Inn types, with that noisy heater under the front picture window. Lee made several of these “motel” movies, this one more whimsical. The setting combined with his production values maximizes the sleaze.

“All right, the session is starting.” We forgive the harsh film  stage lighting and shadows. Lee makes Julia stand in front of him, “military attention.” He slaps her bottom with a strap and twirls her in her black-and-red dress, a dynamic body, early in Ms. Jameson’s career. Lee has her do bend-overs, for him and for the camera, “the old high-school-girl position.” The tight quarters of this room filming give an amateur feel, which came easily to NU-WEST.

After he warms her a bit with a strap, “Climb over my knee, Julia.” She is loving all this, an afternoon delight for her. She must curtsey: “Thank you for the spanking.” She raises her skirt to show her white panties and gets a strapping.

After more OTK, a sleazy motel feel, “Take your dress off.” Huge boobs, a hard-pressed bra. Bend-over, strap on panties. Lee has Julia assume some submissive CP positions-over a chair in several ways. Julia notes: “Look what it does to my cleavage.” The room is too small for US to see what it does for her cleavage, but we sort of know from our library of Julia films.

She kneels on the floor, head down. Ed likes it—“Oooh.” “My ex-boyfriend liked it too.” Lee: “That last pose was the one that did it,” and Julia kneels in the blowjob posture as the screen goes black. Back live, Julia poses around the room and on the bed  as Lee gives her sets of 5 with a paddle. Once or twice she reaches for the hooks of her bra, anticipating being told to take it off, but somehow Lee never asks. Stockings off, twirl, she keeps readjusting her bikini panties. Another fade–we’re to believe Lee is ready to be done AGAIN.

Finally Julia drops her satin bikini’s,  to display a full bush. “Take your panties down, really slowly.”  “They’re sticking to me,”  she coos. Bend-over. “Oh, my God,” moans Lee.

More OTK spanking from Lee, Julia now bare-bottom. He wants her to verbalize some naughtiness she has committed as he spanks. “You’re spanking so hard. You know what I want.”

Face down on the bed, Lee switches to a longer strap, the first real whipping of the video. She turns to put her face to the foot of the bed. Her bottom is still in the same place, but Lee can now balance out the near-and far-buttock issue.

Hands-and-knees, head down, “ass up in the air, please.” Forehand-backhand slashes. On her back into the diaper position, her pussy fur pokes through. “Don’t stop!” she wails, doing the orgasm thing. He concludes by whipping whatever flesh her can reach as she rolls around on the bed.

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