Tina’s Ton Up – MOONGLOW

3 Mar

M/f; time: 38 minutes

A severe caning which finds its way onto various surveys as one of the most severe put on film. “Tina Jones,’  a/a/a ‘Yvonne,’a small blonde, narrates for the camera and crawl informs us that she has asked for this whipping to cleanse herself of guilt for various things. This caning will suffice for some time to come.

The narrative crawl reports there will be 100 strokes. It certifies authenticity and reports that some of the sessions will be filmed from several angles. The caner is the late ‘John Kirwood,’ whose face is kept off-screen, except for just a glimpse, enough for us spankos. There is no dialogue, other than Tina’s cries and grunts.

Tina bends over a chair, wearing tight jeans, for the first session, about 25 crackling, loud  strokes on the jeans. This caning would have sufficed in many films. 5 minute segment.

Dissolve to the next scene;  if the actress was granted a rest, we are OK with that. Tina kicks off her shoes, drops her jeans and bends over the chair again. Bottle-green full knickers. In another 5-minute span, she takes about 25 more shots on her knickers.

The next scene: Tina drops her panties and bends over the chair again. A closeup oblique view of her bottom confirms the rocky road which is developing. Another 25 or so strokes–we begin to wonder what the actress did to withstand this.

But we haven’t reached 100. Tthe final sequence involces two chairs placed back to back. Tina climbs up, kneels, bends over,  and and takes the remaining strokes in this uncompromising and always revealing position. This segment is repeated from the oblique. Her welts and wheals are postitively Eastern European. We agree with others that this may be the most severe video in the Moonglow catalogue. Rubbing, forgiveness, closeups. And, despite warnings in other videos as to how to prevent wrap-around cane marks on the flanks, Tina will carry quite a concentration for a while.

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