Private Tutorial – CALSTAR

4 Mar

M/f; time: 44 minutes

Stars adult actor Jack Uppitt, practicing his particularly intrusive form of spanking on a young brunette schoolgirl, classically attired and exquisitely naughty and deserving. Hair up, eyeglasses, backpack, knee socks, the works.

The girl reports to ‘Mr. Johnson’s’  house. He must live alone; otherwise, he could not behave as he will here. She rings his bell, and is so fidgety and impatient she checks her phone, awaiting Johnson to open the door. She’s late, he’s furious, He orders her inside and takes her phone. Her mother has hired him to tutor her in college chemistry and she would be surprised what goes on.

This is the girl’s third visit. She has already been spanked by Johnson. She is not making any progress with her studies, but she has managed to get his pants off. He sets her up to study in the kitchen. “If your work is not right, I’m going to take you in there and deal with you.” If you have watched any other Uppitt films, this is no idle threat.

Johnson has confiscated some pornographic pictures from her in the past, and he holds them as blackmail. She will play his games. Rather than study, she begins to masturbate. Johnson catches her. She begs and begins to rub his cock through his trousers, quite OK with him. “We can do THAT later. First, you’re going to have a good beating.”

Johnson takes the girl OTK, spreads her thighs like he does in all his films, and wiggles her bottom to improve the camera angle. He begins spanking on her white panties, noting: “You still have your marks from the last thrashing……legs apart!” The girl begs: “Can’t we get on with what we were doing the last time?”

He takes her panties down, spanking, rubbing, and pinching her bottom in way quite unique in the CP genre. “Isn’t my mother’s money good enough? You have to have me?”

“Get your skirt off…get your blouse off.” She is naked. Frontals. He stares at her pussy. He has her bend over the arm of the couch, legs open. “Stick it out.” He uses the soft oval paddle for a long session until both cheeks are fully red. He isn’t shy about fingers between her legs and she doesn’t mind.  He reaches under to work her pussy and boobs.

The cane is next, and she goes quiet to facilitate the use of repeats. good thing too because Uppitt is a mean caner. A dozen strokes, closups, wheals, shots between her legs.

Things advance. “So you want to play with me?” he says. She is eager and has not been really overwhelmed by all this spanking. He drops his pants. “Yes, is that what you like, Mr. Johnson?”” The schoolgirl giggles.

He fondles her with one hand and drops his pants with the other. The naked girl drops to her knees and fishes out his penis. He is well on his way. She begins a blowjob, sweetly a little tentative about it.

The girl sits on the couch and spreads. Uppitt does an oral job then fucks her while on his knees. She turns her to kneel over and does it doggy-style, the most spirited. He pulls away to ensure the best camera angle. More oral work and the more missionary action.

The student returns to the bj  action. He is justly proud. “I’m 65, you’re 18.” He encourages her to take in more of his cock. When he comes, “let it run down my dick.”  Is this a spanking film? Great,

As the girl dresses to return to her chemistry, ” another lesson you learned today.” “I’ll go do my chemistry and come back and give you a blowjob.”



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