Second Chance – CALSTAR

5 Mar

M/f; time: 25 minutes

Actor ‘Michael Dawes,’ thin,  fully-coiffed; he will play an element of a ‘perv’ role he will perfect in dozens of future films. He answers a call from his estranged wife, who begs to be allowed to come back.

She lies on a bed and he sits on the CalStar couch, on the phone. At first, he rejects her pleas, but….here comes that window.  “Well……you’re going to have to take a hard caning.” She reluctantly accepts. He goes on: “About 6 PM tonight, and be ready for it! And, no sex!”

She arrives in the next scene of this short film. Nio time to observe her putting on makeup or selecting just the right underwear. She is an older blonde, with a lot going on under her clothes, and beyond schoolgirl-casting at CalStar.

Immediately:  “Assume the postion….over you go.” This position would be one we will see many times in the future. The girl lies lengthwise OTK on the white sectional couch. He flips the skirt up and wastes no time bringing the thong down. He laments the past in their courtship and marriage. “I used to enjoy doing this to your cheeky little bottom,” but then she gave him more grief than it was worth. Good old sexist Dawes.

Handspanking, then a tawse, knickers all the way off. She stands and completes the stripping–top off, no bra. She takes another position they used to use–she kneels on the couch, spreads her knees, and leans over its back. Tawse-squeals.

Cane time. She stands, bends over, hands-on-couch, legs wide, for a half-dozen quality strokes from Dawes. “Grin and bear it like we used to, before we were married.”  Dawes does his close-in bottom checks, fondling and feeling the welts. She gets a moment, then 3 final strokes, the hardest.

Tears. Dawes loves tears. He turns her face so the camera can catch the streaks. And her bottom–welts and wheals. Her bags are in the car, he will help her unpack.


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