Working Girl – CALSTAR

6 Mar

M/f; year: 1997; time: 25 minutes

A female contractor gets spanked on the job; A guy works away at a residential remodeling job, with a tall blonde working  with him. She is the contractor/boss’s daughter, and lazy and not very much help.

The worker has had enough, notwithstanding she is the boss’s daughter. “Im going to take you in-hand,”  he declares. “You’ve been wanting to do this,” she blurts out. He begins spanking her over a worktable on the messy job site. They struggle a bit. He threatens to tell her father what a problem she is. Since she doesn’t want that, she is going to take an intimate spanking from this guy. As long as she is willing, “OK, it will be our secret.”

He rips at her looose-fitting overalls, which tear away, baring her bottom She forgot panties today. He smacks at her, as she twists and dodges. “Make sure you let me do this twice a week and it won’t be your dad’s business.”

He rubs and fondles–she knows he likes it, and she does her part. He kneels to exam her bottom as closely as possible.

He positions a padded sawhorse. She slips off her tattered overalls  allowing him a long look at her pussy and neat mohawk. She is enjoying this too. Next, off comes her top, no bra–she is now naked. Over the sawhorse for a long stiff paddle.

Enough for now–he helps her up with the torn overalls, and tries to tape the tear closed. She has no top on, but the bib of the overalls covers her. Back to work for her, he goes elsewhere.

But the blonde goofs off.  She sits naked on a toilet, sipping wine. He catches her, and this time he has a cane with him. Back to the padded sawhorse–about 20 strokes of the cane, not very hard.

She has to work the rest of the day bare-bottom.


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