Uniform Discipline Vol 2 – PARADOX BRITISHSPANKING

7 Mar

F/f; F/f; time: 53 minutes

If you like women in uniform having to bend over; the copy we watched was called ‘NEW Uniform Discipline.’ A tall uniformed military officer, ‘Ms. Elizabeth Barton-Jones,’ is to be punished, and she clearly knows what is about to happen. First, she is ordered to watch the caning and showering scene from Sophie Fennington’s ‘Canings and Cold showers.’ Seven minutes of that video are repeated here, in sepia tones. Spankophiles would agree these sequences of Sophie over a table and in the shower are hall-of-fame level in the CP genre. Presumably, the producers of Paradox, British Spanking, and SfP are affiliated.

The officer reports to room #10, a bare  NU-WEST style punishment chamber, watches the film, and confronts an attractive blonde wearing a doctor’s smock, who will administer the discipline, and an equally attractive nurse, who will assist. Ms. Barton-Jones bends over a trestle and gasps when her panties are immediately yanked down. The fetish aspects of corporal punishment are satisfied by both the military and the medical garb.A few handslaps then a thorough strapping with an oblong mean-looking paddle/strap. The punishments here, as in other Paradox films we have seen, are firm and realisitc. “Take your skirt off…we haven’t got all day.” More hard strapping, excellent closeups.”Crop, nurse!” Very hard session with the riding crop. Barton-Smith stands again–jacket off, tie off, knickers removed from her ankles, bend over a trestle, in just her hat, a blouse, garter belt and stockings. Nice humiliation as the nurse observes and Barton-Smith is spanked on her way to nudity. Another wicked strap is used. “You’re whimpering.”

On her feet again, blouse off. A hard-working bra shows a dramatic figure, all disguised in the bulky uniform. The “doctor” announces we “need to take harder measures,”  which after the hand, crop, and two straps, can only mean–the cane. It is a huge, thick, senior cane, not the whippy, swishy variety. Ms. Barton-Smith takes about 15 strokes, with lots of crying and pleasing, pauses, jumping up, etc. Realistic, we thought.

Another moment when Barton-Smith stands. She takes her bra off andf finally her garter belt, and is naked. Quite a body. She denies Lesbian rumors about her. The nurse: “I don’t think she’s been punished enough.” In other settings, such a nurse could suddenly find herself over the trestle. Another brief caning over the trestle, then a short strapping of her palms, providing an extensive study of her breasts. Pro forma, she is sent off naked, clothes in a ball.

A separate spanking story follows. Brunette ‘Rebecca Hamilton’ studies her punishment slip. She must report to a Don at her finishing school for corporal punishment. The Don is male porn actor ‘Jack Uppitt,’ one of the great naughty and intrusive spankers in this British era.

The uniform here is simple, zippered white shift, as if she were a nurse’s aid or beauty operator. It will certainly come off easily. She reports to the Don, an entertaining  goofy guy we’ve seen at work on other girls in the ‘Finishing School’ series, an effective spanker, an inveterate pygophilist, and excellent at reducing a girl to tears. He is actually wearing his mortarboard.

This is meant to be a punishment session. Rebecca goes OTK, is handspanked on her Navy-blue regulation knickers, they come down. She asks in Oxfordian rhythms: “Is this necessary, sir?” “Certainly is.” She stands to hand over her panties before the OTK continues, with a very hard, mean-looking round leather paddle. The Don spanks with powerful strokes. The camera angle is on the level with her buttocks, so her round solid bottom is highlighted.

Up again, the little shift-like dress easily over her head, down to just white bra, which the Don decides is better off, back OTK, “legs slightly apart, please” to finish with the paddle. “We’re going on now to the cane.

The girl bends over a piano, naked, and seems to know to arch her back and  stick out her bottom without direction. She has probably been told a few times in fact what a great borttom it is.  About 30 strokes, but not as severe as previous punishments. Closeup obliques show countable welts, but the Don is easing up. She has fulfilled her requirement and may leave.

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