Lisa Must Be Caned – CALSTAR

10 Mar

M/f; time: 27 minutes

A British CP classic; most reviewers rank this ‘Sophie Fennington’ performance one of the most erotic and entertaining CP films to come out of the 1980’s and 1990’s. We certainly agree. We’ve noted before the influence of Ms. Fennington as ‘CP Queen ‘ of the era, and we turn your attention again to the expository video she made, ‘Sophie Fennington Interview.’ The present film review, for us, illustrates the concept of the Oldies as well conceived as any producer.

Here Sophie  plays a naughty teenager-type, scandalously on the edge of mischief. We see her gamboling about outdoors, in an eye-catching mini-skirt.  One scene shows her rallying on a tennis court, using the proper grips forehand and backhand, even topspin, and actually moving her shoulders and feet correctly. Most althetic demonstrations in CP movies are feeble farces. She is seen sitting on a child’s swing, smoking, and reading a magazine ‘Smash Hits.’ On the street, she is approached by a Arab-looking headband-guy, maybe asking directions or trying to pick her up. He reaches out and Sophie lets him smack her bottom.




She arrives home, where ‘Uncle Brian’ waits for her. He is reading the collectible JANUS issue which featured Ms. Fennington in a still-photo shoot. This is a very early Michael Dawes–here he wears a Charlie Chaplin mustache and speaks with a comic accent. In her Interview film, we believe Ms. Fennington spoke of working with this actor/producer. She chuckled that he had been institutionalized for his obsessions, which we can easily imagine, given predilections in his films.


Uncle Brian has had a “call from your father.” He is going to discipline her, thus the array of spanking implements visible on the table. “Please don’t smack me…I don’t want you to smack me on my bottom…it’s so embarrassing…not my bottom.” There have been many imitators  trying to use these erotic cue words as skillfully as Ms. Fennington.

Brian takes her OTK-she is in no position to argue. Pleated skirt up;  when he starts at the waistband of her knickers, “Oh,no!…you’re a dirty old man..a pervert!” He spanks harder and harder, and shifts to a ping pong paddle. Sniffles, and acting!



“It shouldn’t be allowed. You’re a dirty old man.” Brian strokes and kneads her buttocks, oblivious,or in fact excited, by her protests. Lisa kneels on a chair, and Brian takes down the panties she managed to get back up.  “There are a lot of perverts in this area, you know,” he says, probably referring to the weird guy in the car. “Yes,” she says, “and you’re one of them.”

She wriggles her bottom full screen on the chair. “I’m ashamed. I’ll be a laughing stock in school.” This assumes she will have to take her pants off in front of someone.

Dissolve. We are in the living room, a scene CALSTAR used  often. Lisa is in tears, a long sad facial. Again, we don’t find this quality of emotion portrayed in too many  CP films. “Get all your clothes off.”   “…I can’t do that…”  “Come on, I’ve seen it all.” She strips rather quickly, closeup of her willowy natural body in nothing but panties.

82fca35b-0a8e-48f7-9eab-5c947bfd91b2OTK. He takes her panties down and pins her legs. “What are you doing?” she demands. More paddling.

“Time for  the cane.”  Textbook: “Not the cane. anything but the cane.”  Lisa bends over a round glass-top table, her arms grasping its edges at 90 degrees. To sniffles, Brian begins the caning on her panties, about 15 strokes–the marks showing at the edges of the cloth. He urges her, and Lisa lies up on the table full length, for almost 30 more strokes on her panties. We suspect this position is most painful, in that the bottom can’t give with the stroke.


Lisa climbs down and stands. Brian pulls down her panties to “inspect the damage.” Lovely scattered marks. But he is not finished, in this, one of the longest and most colorful canings in British libraries. Lisa bends over the table again, for another 20, her panties puddled. “I’ll give you a couple more to go to bed with,” and she knows what that means–two rockets. Facials, tears.

She coyly departs, stark naked, stopping at the door to apologize with doe eyes, and she certainly is suggesting Brian follow her upstairs. For us, the most stunning shot in all the Sophie files.


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